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Hi everybody! Thanks for clicking on my page.  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Monica Karam.  I wear many hats, among them is mom, friend, coach, entrepreneur and so much more.  2013 was a big change year in my life and why I do the work I do.  I went from being married, living in Dubai, totally dependent on a husband to leaving everything and everybody I know to moving to a new country Canada, getting divorced and having to navigate totally unfamiliar territory all with 3 kids in tow.  Today I am in a much better place.  The journey has taken me to discover my passions, my purpose and most importantly myself.  I am here to show you the tools I used to help you.

Join me on this journey!

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What my clients are saying


When I met with Monica, I was in a small rut – I didn’t know what I wanted or needed out of life anymore. She pointed out ways that I could reconnect with myself in a supportive, straight-forward, no-nonsense way. Through this guidance I began to make small, yet meaningful changes to my life in order to move forward. It does not happen overnight, it’s a process of hard work and taking the time to remember who you are and what you want that will inevitably lead to a more fulfilling life. Thank you, Monica!

Karen Ki Therapies

Monica has a special gift to be able to reach out to others in a caring and loving way. She has inspired many and will be able to help more people individually as a spirituality and Clarity coach. Monica is the best!

Art Allard

I highly recommend Monica as a Life Coach and for her ability to discover the root cause of physical ailments and give the solution. A painful finger infection I had for 2 years is now healed thanks to Monica.  Doctors, X-rays and medications didn’t stop the pain and swelling. Monica quickly found the root cause , a relationship problem, and told me what to do.  It was healed in 5 weeks. Also, for toe pain and swelling… the hospital staff was baffled, pumped me full of antibiotics then stronger antibiotics, to no avail. Her sessions are fun and interesting with great practical… Read more “Art Allard”

Karine Bitar

Monica is a beautiful person, she has touched my life in all the positive ways one can imagine. She is caring, gifted, a great listener and is very resourceful and helpful.  She has been by my side, counseling me and is still walking me through the roller coaster of life. Her passion is to reach out to people in need of help and guidance, that is what makes her so special and unique.  Her love for her work has no limits, and she has her ways to make you see and believe in “trusting the process” as she always says.… Read more “Karine Bitar”


Thank you so much Monica for helping me to discover my true passion and drive in life! You have an incredible ability to see the light in peoples eyes and to inspire them to go after their dreams and to bring it to market.  I am also grateful for the various opportunities you have presented to me that helped me stay focused and accountable to carry through on my goals.  Not only are you very well networked to help me grow my business, but I love your energy, enthusiasm and clarity.  Your support has made all the difference in my journey.  Thank… Read more “Lynda”


I can’t really believe I’m writing this or never thought I would one day!
Knowing who you are is a critical. So many people are either looking for answers and don’t know how or even don’t bother to know.
Well for me I’ve tried to know who I am but I always ended up at the same place so I stopped bothering myself and lived my life like everybody. I knew deep inside me that there was something wrong.. I was not happy. This inner peace that people talk about is an illusion for me till I met… Read more “Amira”


Monica Karam is an amazing spirituality coach,  which means helping clients to bring forward their inner gifts. Monica sincerely enjoys helping others realize their potential, every session is unique and tailored to the client’s needs. She is well connected and guided intuitively, never working according to a program or formula.  She will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and into the playing field of your greatness.


Monica Karam is an exceptionally gifted coach.  Her passion and joy emanates from her very being and she ignites this same dynamic energy in her clients.  It has been an absolute Joy to work with Monica, each step of the way.  Monica offered me what no one had done before- complete clarity to get me on my way doing what I love most while living my life’s purpose.  Monica is a powerful mixture of intuitive knowledge, clarity and passion, which is what every entrepreneur desperately needs in a coach so they can get going in the right direction.  Monica is… Read more “Daniella”


Monica is such an amazing coach! I am learning so much with her. The first time I heard her talk about de-cluttering I thought it was an interesting idea.  I knew I had to do something about all the stuff we had in our apartment. I had been a full time single dad to 4 wonderful kids and over the years as they grew older and because our needs changed we kept cumulating a surprising amount of stuff. Also I was in a relationship and it ended but her car and her things were still in my home.  Now that… Read more “Patrice”

Michael Broderick

I would say that the first thing you’ll notice about Monica is her presence and aura. When I first met her, I described it as a glow. The second thing is that she’s passionate. This is not a job for her, it’s a calling. When I first met Monica, she was not yet a coach. The advise she gave me prompted me to take charge of my life in a ways I never have before. I have my ups and downs, but I can honestly say that in some respects, in my particular case especially professionally; I have never felt… Read more “Michael Broderick”

Debbie Oestreich

Monica ! You did it.
The day we have all been waiting for….
Let nothing stop your vision, strength and drive to make a difference in the lives of those you connect with. You certainly took me to the next level in my work ! All the best !!


I have known Monica for over 9 years. Monica was my neighbour, but she wasn’t like any other neighbour, she was the one person who would take the time to check-in on us, to come by and visit, to make plans so we can get some away-time from our babies at that time, and she would always have the best advise to any of my problems. I will never forget her support when I had my first child, and she had just had her twins a few months before me, I was a total wreck with days of no sleep… Read more “Hedaya”


I want to take the time to thank you with your great advice. After one session with you I’m motivated to make changes that I need to make in order to attain my goals.  After one session with you, I’ve been making the changes that need to be done in order to go forward. Merci beaucoup. Much love to you.


Monica came into my house with no judgement. My son and I both felt it. She was honest with all her answers as well as being very clear with how boundaries work. She was able to break through my son’s protective barrier and could get his trust. She is passionate about her work and you feel it. She helped us very much at a time that we really needed it.

I.J. Vow of Poverty

Hi! I just want to let you know that the financial vow thing you sent me to say out loud worked really well!!!!! All our financial issues were resolved in the recent weeks/days!!!! ? I had applied for a tax credit and it finally went through. My Husband got a major promotion that will bring his salary to almost double. All this allowed us to pay EVERY bill that had been waiting on the table AND will allow us to pay for the Christmas gifts AND put enough money aside to meet any unforseen events that might fall on our… Read more “I.J. Vow of Poverty”


When I first met Monica, I knew I needed her in my life! I have worked with her on several clearings that I never knew were even there and her intuitive coaching and methods is second to none! She is a compassionate and intuitive healer and energy guide that has always offered deep insights and clarity to my life, and helps me to better understand and master my human experience. I specifically brought to her my ovarian cysts issue that all doctors said was a lost cause. “Nothing much to do”. Within a few sessions with Monica, my Cysts have… Read more “Reem”