Being HAPPY 

Welcome, my name is Monica and I am a spirituality and clarity coach. I am a single mom of three, divorced and starting a new chapter in my life, I manage ADHD and two children who have it too. I survived health issues. I moved to a new country Canada where I knew nobody.  I rebuilt my life from the inside out. My journey has been rocky but today, I live with my eyes wide open and I am happy.

Join me on the journey of being truly happy. I am proof that this came be done. My life is not perfect. It has its daily challenges but my perspective has completely changed. It is thanks to the support I received and the work I have done on myself. I had to change, I had to trust the universe, I understand the process and I want to work with you on your life journey and help you to transform into the butterfly you are meant to be. Find out more about my story


Coaching You to find your best YOU

If you are looking for a change and identify with any of these questions or my blog and need someone to talk to, feel stuck, empty inside or are looking for a deeper meaning in your life, give me a call (514-638-3761) or send me an email (monica@monicakaram.com) to book an appointment. I am located in the West Island of Montreal but can connect with you anywhere in the world through skype.  I am here to listen and ready to help you be your best self. Take the first step to the best version of you today with me, Monica Karam, living with my eyes wide open.


Personal growth:

Does your life seem dull, like a series of To Do lists?

Are you desperately trying to get out of a rut?

Afraid to try something new?

Need guidance to move forward?

Family dynamics:

Are you struggling with motherhood? Overwhelm?

Do you need help with your child or your teen?

Are they struggling with anxiety? ADHD?

Are you stuck in a loveless marriage?


Are you feeling unmotivated? Disconnected?

Do you feel empty?

Authentic self:

Have you lost your passion?

Do you feel like you don’t know who you are?

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