About Me

I describe my work, my passion, my purpose as Intuition and Clarity. I help you see your worth, guide you to see your truths, obstacles and passions, and support you as you find your way.  As a divorced mother of 3 and starting a new life in Canada in 2013, I struggled to find my way back to me.  I did the internal work, listened to the experts, and faced my fears head on. Through the challenges, snots, and tears, I grew into the person I love so much today. My life is far from perfect, but I am not striving for perfection. I am following what makes me happy and I face all the obstacles in my life head on. I, like you, want peace in my heart, fire in my belly and a fulfilled life.  We all have different definitions of a fulfilled life. Let us discover together what yours is.

What I Do

  • I mentor and coach parents with young children who lack confidence or struggle with anxiety. I give you the tools to help you see your child and see their gifts and potential.
  • Adolescents who suffer from low self-esteem, anxiety or lack of confidence are high on my list for mentoring and restoring their self worth. I work with them to connect them to their intuition and inner GPS so that they find out who they are and what they love. It will strengthen their decision making and reliance on themselves.
  • Heart centred entrepreneurs have big hearts and deep passions but sometimes they get lost in exactly what they do and how to reach the right people and the right message. I guide them and we work on their social media and purpose.
  • I inspire and motivate women, to move gently from dependence to independence. Whatever the circumstances that brought them to depend on others for love, self-worth, confidence or money, I show them the way out and how to stand strong on their own and connect with their inner GPS and reclaim their power.

How do I do it

My approach is simple. I start by asking you what is the big issue now and I ask you to answer without thinking as I would like to get to know what your soul is needing and from there I use my intuition to guide you and we start uncovering what you need to know now that can help you move forward. The sessions are fun, may include Oracle cards, creativity, color therapy, Feng Shui or any other method depending on where the session goes. From there I give you tools or homework (as I call it) to give you practical things that you can do to take the steps forward. I could say you need to go for a walk for 1/2 hour. As you do them you come to me for the next steps. My aim is to teach you how to take the steps alone.

You will learn how to:

Declutter what doesn’t serve you anymore.

To connect with your inner GPS or intuition

Distinguish between your gremlin and your intuition

Discover what makes your soul happy

Learn how to see the signs. To Enjoy the moment.

Use your creativity to guide you. Discover your creativity.