About Me

I claim the title Spirituality and Clarity Coach to describe my work, my passion, my service to you. I help you see your worth, guide you to see your truths and passions, and support you as you find your way.  As a divorced mother of 3 and starting a new life in Canada in 2013, I struggled to find my way back to me.  I did the internal work, listened to the experts, and faced my fears head on. Through the challenges, snots, and tears, I grew into the person I love so much today. My life is far from perfect, but I am not striving for perfection. I, like you, want peace in my heart, fire in my belly and a focused and sharp mind to get me to my goals.  Let me show you how!

What I Do

Using various techniques,

  • I mentor and coach parents with young children who lack confidence or struggle with anxiety.
  • Adolescents who suffer from low self-esteem, due to anxiety or lack of confidence are high on my list for mentoring and restoring their self worth.
  • Holistic entrepreneurs have big hearts and deep passions but sometimes they get lost in the quagmire that is business and I help them re-focus and help them get back on their path to better serve their community. Additionally,
  • I inspire and motivate women, to move gently from dependence to independence. Whatever the circumstances that brought them to depend on others for love, self-worth, confidence or money, I show them the way out and how to stand strong on their own.

How do I do it

My approach is simple. Let’s begin by discovering and highlighting your core values. This will create the map of who you are at the deepest level.  Using fun and proven techniques such as Color Therapy, Decluttering In and Out, Numerology, Connecting With Your Spirit Animals, and intuitively consulting with my trusted Oracle Cards we create the landscape on your map.  As an Intuitive Soul Explorer, I will help you build your road map with concrete directions, including when to Stop, and when to Go. I will help you avoid Falling Rocks and Sharp Turns and help you settle comfortably into a safe space that is both nourishing, uplifting and supportive.

What My Clients are Saying


When I met with Monica, I was in a small rut – I didn’t know what I wanted or needed out of life anymore. She pointed out ways that I could reconnect with myself in a supportive, straight-forward, no-nonsense way. Through this guidance I began… Read more “Tara”

Karen Ki Therapies

Monica has a special gift to be able to reach out to others in a caring and loving way. She has inspired many and will be able to help more people individually as a spirituality and Clarity coach. Monica is the best!

Art Allard

I highly recommend Monica as a Life Coach and for her ability to discover the root cause of physical ailments and give the solution. A painful finger infection I had for 2 years is now healed thanks to Monica.  Doctors, X-rays and medications didn’t stop… Read more “Art Allard”

Karine Bitar

Monica is a beautiful person, she has touched my life in all the positive ways one can imagine. She is caring, gifted, a great listener and is very resourceful and helpful.  She has been by my side, counseling me and is still walking me through… Read more “Karine Bitar”


Thank you so much Monica for helping me to discover my true passion and drive in life! You have an incredible ability to see the light in peoples eyes and to inspire them to go after their dreams and to bring it to market.  I am… Read more “Lynda”


I can’t really believe I’m writing this or never thought I would one day! Knowing who you are is a critical. So many people are either looking for answers and don’t know how or even don’t bother to know. Well for me I’ve tried to… Read more “Amira”


Monica Karam is an amazing spirituality coach,  which means helping clients to bring forward their inner gifts. Monica sincerely enjoys helping others realize their potential, every session is unique and tailored to the client’s needs. She is well connected and guided intuitively, never working according… Read more “Chris”


Monica Karam is an exceptionally gifted coach.  Her passion and joy emanates from her very being and she ignites this same dynamic energy in her clients.  It has been an absolute Joy to work with Monica, each step of the way.  Monica offered me what… Read more “Daniella”


Monica is such an amazing coach! I am learning so much with her. The first time I heard her talk about de-cluttering I thought it was an interesting idea.  I knew I had to do something about all the stuff we had in our apartment.… Read more “Patrice”

Michael Broderick

I would say that the first thing you’ll notice about Monica is her presence and aura. When I first met her, I described it as a glow. The second thing is that she’s passionate. This is not a job for her, it’s a calling. When… Read more “Michael Broderick”

Debbie Oestreich

Monica ! You did it. The day we have all been waiting for…. Let nothing stop your vision, strength and drive to make a difference in the lives of those you connect with. You certainly took me to the next level in my work !… Read more “Debbie Oestreich”


I have known Monica for over 9 years. Monica was my neighbour, but she wasn’t like any other neighbour, she was the one person who would take the time to check-in on us, to come by and visit, to make plans so we can get… Read more “Hedaya”


I want to take the time to thank you with your great advice. After one session with you I’m motivated to make changes that I need to make in order to attain my goals.  After one session with you, I’ve been making the changes that… Read more “Corinna”


Monica came into my house with no judgement. My son and I both felt it. She was honest with all her answers as well as being very clear with how boundaries work. She was able to break through my son’s protective barrier and could get… Read more “C.M”

I.J. Vow of Poverty

Hi! I just want to let you know that the financial vow thing you sent me to say out loud worked really well!!!!! All our financial issues were resolved in the recent weeks/days!!!! 😮 I had applied for a tax credit and it finally went… Read more “I.J. Vow of Poverty”