Are you feeling stuck? How do I move forward?

Hi everybody!

Hope you are all doing well.  So last week I made a video on feeling stuck and how to move forward and I wanted to follow it up with a blog.  This is a topic that is so important as a lot of us get stuck sometimes in our lives and we don’t know how to move forward.  Today there is a new moon in Taurus coming and it is all about letting go of the old and bringing in the new so what better time to talk about the subject.  Below I have attached the photo of the Goddess Kali who is all about Endings and Beginnings.  You can always call on her for guidance.


Some tips to help you get unstuck are:

  1. Retreat to your quiet place – I light my candle or candles and I meditate or pray.  I talk to whoever is listening and I voice what is going on.  Sometimes I talk to God, sometimes to my angels, we are all different and we each have our own ritual.
  2. Go out in nature – Nature has a grounding effect and healing and it is the best way to connect and take time out.
  3. Ask yourself  what is going on.  Am I tired?  Have I been too busy that I have not taken me time.  I look into self care.
  4. Ask yourself what is the thing that is making you feel stuck.  Then sit with it and try to face it.  Sometimes you are going to need to cry, journal, shout whatever helps you.  Maybe talking to a friend helps.  If you do not acknowledge it you cannot heal.  Emotions are not a weakness. They are necessary.  They are telling us something.  We need to listen to them.
  5. Ask for help – Do not leave your feelings without addressing them.
  6. Check your chakra alignment.  For those of you who don’t know about chakras please look them up or look up my article on Chakras and color.  I do meditations on healing them.  My favorite meditations on you tube are Jason Stephenson and Madeline Rinehart.  I am sure you can also find others that resonate with you. You can see an energy healer too.
  7. Go back to your 5 core values and see if they are all aligned.  If one or more is not you need start looking at what can you do to bring more of that into my life – If you would like to do the core values intuitive session you can book an appointment with me on my website.  The core values are your GPS for all the decisions you make in life.
  8. Write a  list of the things that you love to do and  choose something from the list that you can do to shift your energy.  I call a friend that I can have a laugh with, write, paint, sing whatever resonates with you.
  9. Check out my You Tube channel Monica Karam Spirituality and Clarity coach and watch the video Are you feeling Stuck in your life? This is the video for you.
  10. Focus on gratitude on all the great things you have in my life.  I write a list of them.  We tend to focus on what we do not have instead of seeing what we do have.  As I always say what we have is what someone else is praying for.
  11. Declutter.  If you know about Feng Shui you know that every part of your home represents different areas of your life.  Your inside affects your outside and your outside affects your inside. So an example is the last left corner of your home is the abundance area.  So if you are stuck there and you have major clutter there maybe now is the time to start clearing that.  It is amazing how quickly the shift happens.  One time I was working with a client on finances and I helped clear out the receipts from her purse and while we were clearing it we found around 10 Dollars worth of coins and a few unsent claims to the insurance.  Within minutes we found around 200 Dollars.  Another example of a major shift you can read in my testimonials from Patrice where by shifting the car that was parked in front of his home that belonged to his ex his whole world was turned upside down and for the best.
  12. Physical health – check out your physical health and nutrition.  Take small steps in that area
  13.  Are you having fun in life?  Are you being creative?  I know we all have a lot of responsibilities but we need to feed our soul so please add these things to your life.  It is very important.

Please do not leave your situation unattended.  Please seek help.

Most important please take time to enjoy your journey.  Remember life is a journey and the little moments matter.

Till next time