August 2018 Newsletter


August theme: Celebrate the small successes and endings

Yes it is August and so much went on in July.  So many big shifts with the full moons and Mercury Retrograde and Solar Eclipse.  It forced a lot of us to make big shifts and deal with a lot of things.

So now it is August.  Time to celebrate the victories.  You faced things that you had not looked at in a while.  You might have closed doors.  Things might have come to an end.  Sit with it and be grateful for what it taught you.  Look at how far you have come.  Celebrate!  Tap yourself on the shoulder or say yes you did it.  We tend to forget to celebrate.  Time to do that.

July Updates.

Check out my new revamped website that I launched on July 25th.  I have a special discount for those of you who book after receiving the newsletter.  You get a 10 Dollar off your first session.

I spoke at La Salle college to the students studying in the Special Care counselling department.  They will go on to work with at risk youth or youth with special needs.  Spoke to them about their core values, how to protect their energy and shield themselves and color and chakra therapy.  Was great.

Spoke at an international summit on authenticity in business.  You can register on what’s new of my website to listen to that.

Many new videos were recorded on You tube.  Check that out and also started my first series of interviews with people that I find interesting.  All on you tube.

What to do next

August is the time to Close doors and start organizing your life so that you can start the new beginnings in September which is when school starts again and when you can start with your new dreams.  You need to declutter your old ones so you can focus on your new. Do not take your old baggage with you on your new journey.  It will only weigh you down.

Are you ready?  Connect with me so I can help you.  Great time now as you get the discount and there is no better time than now.

Till next month.

Do not forget to enjoy the journey people!