Back to School! NOOOOOO!!

Back to school! NOOOOOOOOO!


Yes, it’s that time of year! School is about to start and you don’t know where to begin!  Here is my to-do check list for my primary school kids!

  • Uniforms and Clothes
    • Check the kids uniforms and make sure their uniforms fit. If they do not wear a uniform make sure that they have clothes that fit.  Remember to check their indoor and outdoor shoes.  Make sure they have a rain gear and/or a light jacket for autumn.
  • Lunch boxes.
    • Consider having at least two because it will certainly get forgotten at school or on the bus a few times. Make sure you have the appropriate containers and water bottles for your child. Shop and prepare for lunch and snack items.
  • School supplies.
    • I save time by pre-ordering mine from the school. It is more expensive but less time consuming and you are sure to have the right supplies. Pick them up a few days earlier and start labeling your items.
  • Sleep Routine
    • Start getting your children back into sleeping early and waking up on time at least a few days before school starts.
  • Update your calendar
    • Check the school calendar and start putting all the important dates into your calendar. Enter Ped days and holidays and enter anything else you need for those days.
  • Update your child’s resources
    • If your child has any learning difficulties prepare his report and make an appointment as soon as you can with the school to discuss his IEP and what resources are available to your child.
  • Connect with the teacher
    • If your child has learning or behavioural issues, make a point to meet with your child’s teacher when school starts to discuss a little about your child and get to know them so you can together provide the help your child needs. This is very important especially if you have a child that struggles.  You need to work with the teacher by sharing the right tools to support your child.
  • Activities schedule
    • Sit down with your child and see what activities they would like to do for the year or the term.
  • Transportation
    • Check the bus schedule and where your child will be picked up from. If they do not take the bus see if you can carpool with a neighbor or someone in your neighbourhood.
  • Enjoy the journey – Let us make it a great year!