Back to school Advice for Parents – 2018


Kids back at school. Routine is back! I was so happy to be back at school and to the familiarity of the teachers, the staff and the environment. I was happy to meet my kids’ teachers.  I have a good feeling. Fingers crossed! Then again the year is as good and what your intention for the year is and how much you put into it.
Few tips for the school year
1. Collaboration This is a collaboration between your child, you and the teacher. The more you help the teacher understand your child the better the teacher can do her job.
2. Meet – Always meet with the teacher at the beginning of the year so that you have a system in place if there are issues so you can deal with them as they appear.
3. Parent friendships – Always make friends with a parent in the class so that if there is something you miss you can always ask for help and vice versa.
4. Ask for help – Do not hesitate to ask for help if you are struggling especially if your child goes to french school and your french is not the best.
5. Community – Remember the school is a community so be part of your community.
6. Kindness and Consideration – Always be kind and considerate to all. Aggression does not get you anywhere and also gives your kids the wrong message. Everything can be solved with love.
7. Trust – Our kids need to learn to make their own decisions so it is time to give them options and ask them what they think.  This builds their inner strength also reduces anxiety.
8. Communication – Our kids have their own personalities, dreams, talents and voice and we need to listen to them and let them express themselves. We need to guide them to be the best version of themselves.
9. Belonging – Kids need to feel they belong.  They will belong when they find others who have similar interests and characters to them.  Let them be curious so they can discover what they love.
10. Intuition – The more that they connect to who they truly are and build confidence and self esteem they will start to hear their inner voice. This will guide them always in their life.  They will not need to seek outside approval.  They will have their own inner knowing.
11. Unicorns – Each child is unique and cannot be put into a box and the school system tends to do that.  Schools are great but it is up to us to seek the tools and best options for our children.  Keep seeking parents!  You will get there.  What works for one child may not work for another!
12. Empaths and highly sensitive people – A lot of children and adults are empaths and it would be great if a parent would understand that about their child.  Communication would help identify that.  Many videos and articles on this topic.
I hope that the tips above help you as you begin the school year and guide your kids.  If you need further guidance you can always connect with me.
Enjoy the journey!