Be A Unicorn

Hi everybody!  I am back!

So recently I have been seeing people stuck in their lives.  Everywhere I go and in a lot of my clients.  I have noticed a common thread.  The thread is that a lot of them are trying to fit into the box or trying to fit into a label or a description of who they should be.  They are trying to feel good enough by being someone else.  What I want you all to understand is that  you are good enough or better still you are awesome just being you.  You have everything already inside of you!  The thing is we don’t need to be anything other than who we really are.  We are unicorns.  Unicorns to me represent our uniqueness.  Unicorns have their own gifts in their golden horn.

So how do you find your own unique unicorn?

  1. You look at you.  You get to know you.  You become your best friend.  You find out what makes you happy.
  2. You start exploring.  You go out and follow your curiosity.  You see what makes you come alive.
  3. You look at what you do everyday and love.  You see what you talk about daily and look at online.
  4. You accept yourself.
  5. You ask others what they love about you.
  6. You don’t label it.  You feel what is right to you.
  7. You get out of the box of should and must and shift it to love and passionate about.
  8. You connect more to your  intuition and listen to the voice inside of you that is guiding you.
  9. You  get out of your  own way and let your inner child out so she/he can tell you.
  10. You stop looking at your past and stop looking too much into the future.  You look at now! You  ask yourself: How do I feel?  What do I need?  If you are not feeling it you know that it is not for you.
  11. Start trusting your gut instincts and your intuition.
  12. Work on the blocks you have.  Don’t let them stop you.
  13. Remember only you do you best.
  14. Find other unicorns to  show you the way and lift you up.

Enjoy the journey!

If you are looking for guidance in discovering your unique unicorn gifts please do not hesitate to connect with me.  I love holding the mirror up to you and showing you you.

Have an awesome day!  Celebrate your uniqueness and your friends’ uniqueness and please go out there and tell the people around you what is amazing about them.

Till next time!

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