Being Open to Receiving

Happy Valentine’s day!  Wishing you all a great one!  Today’s topic is about us being open to receiving the gifts from the universe.  A lot of us have different roles like caregivers, parents, healers and other hats  where we are always giving and we are not good at receiving.  I was one of those people.  I found it so difficult and uncomfortable to receive.  The last week has shown me it is ok to receive.

Here are some examples from my life that may help you.  Stay opening to noticing the signs.

  1. Unexpected surprises – I received many text messages, facebook messages and other messages from friends and family on Valentine’s day. The big surprise I received today was an actual card in the post from a friend.  It was from a friend that I wasn’t expecting to receive from.  It really touched me.  Nothing more beautiful that receiving something unexpected and that someone is paying attention to the small details.  Nothing more beautiful than someone actually seeing you.  Notice the things that you receive and be grateful.
  2. Self care A while back I won a reflexology with a great reflexologist. Her name is Andrea Muhlebach.  I did not have the time to claim it so today I decided to gift myself.  Self care and gifting yourself are big ones.  Take time to look after your body, soul and mind.  What do you need?
  3. Personal Growth – A few weeks ago I asked a friend of mine if she wanted to go see Gabby Bernstein and she said great.  I came to buy the tickets and my friend says Monica I didn’t get you a gift for your birthday or christmas and I want to get the ticket for you.  I was so grateful.  It was an amazing show.  That day we were thinking how are we going to get downtown as both of us do not enjoy driving downtown and out of the blue her colleague says that she is going downtown to visit her mom and she can drop us and pick us up.  I was so grateful.  That same event we were walking to find somewhere to eat and we walk into a restaurant and it turns out to be a great vegan restaurant.  Be open to trusting that things will work out for your best.
  4. Abundance – I was having coffee at Tim Hortons with a friend and as I was walking in in the snow I find a coin and I tell my friend and she smiles because she knows me and is used to this happening.  I look again and another coin and another coin.  The universe’s sign of abundance.  Always pick it up and be grateful.
  5. Fun – A friend calls me last week and says I am thinking of going to St. Sauveur for the weekend and groupon have a voucher for the spa.  Can you go on Friday?  I think about it and then I rearrange my schedule and say yes.  By the way you need to say yes to adventures.  I had never been to St. Sauveur.  I have been in Canada for 4.5 years.  Only now finding time to do things for me.  It was the most fun, silly and exciting trip.  When you travel with someone as light as you are the trip is fun.  The trip ended up totally different to what we planned but we went with the flow.  The really beautiful thing is that even at the hotel I got a gift. The butterfly magnet.
  6. Compliments – Everywhere we went in St. Sauveur we were social and talking to people and people were coming up to us and being friendly and complimentary.  I was very surprised.  I never noticed this before.
  7. Messages – Be open to receiving advice from people.  Sometimes total strangers tell you what you really need to hear.

When you are aligned with who you are and what you want you will see the things happening. You will also notice that things that you really want come in unexpected ways.

The thing is all this happened because I was open to receiving the gifts of the universe.  Be ok with receiving.  I have always been the one doing the giving and will continue to give but it should be a win win situation.  All kinds of relationships should be give and take.

Please take time to be grateful for what you give and what you receive.  The universe is amazing but sometimes we miss the beauty because we are so focused on what we do not have. These are not big things but when you look at them they are beautiful.

Enjoy the journey!

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