Chakras and Color Therapy

Chakras and color therapy have changed my life.  When I discovered how they have a lot to do with our healing I started to make changes. Our physical symptoms are talking to us and giving us messages to what is happening emotionally and what we are not dealing with.

My aim is to get you to understand this and be able to use these tools to help you in your life.

Chakras!  What are they?  We have 7 dominant Chakras and you can see them in the photo above.  They are the centers in our body in which energy flows through.  If they are blocked then they affect our health.

1. Root chakra – 1st chakra – red – grounding chakra

This is the part of the body that represents grounding, stability, physical needs, security, survival, manifesting and the material world. If you do not feel grounded it means that your root chakra could be blocked.

Some suggestions would be in all cases to see an energy healer who will work on aligning them.  Wearing red can help.  Red crystals help and red in your home.  When I feel like am not grounded I wear red.  Another grounding technique is being in nature and close to trees.  There is a great grounding meditation where you imagine you are like a tree and your roots are in the earth.  (you can google that)

2. Sacral chakra – 2nd chakra – orange – creativity

This is the creative and sexual chakra.  If you feel stuck in this area you could have a blockage there.  Orange is the color you need.  My creative area in my home where I write and work has orange curtains and it gives me so much energy.  Orange crystals help too.

3. Solar plexus – 3rd chakra – yellow – confidence

This is a very important one for people who lack confidence.  You know that feeling when you feel like a punch in your gut that is your Solar Plexis.  It comes up when you feel lack of self worth, lack of self esteem, lack of confidence, personal power and happiness.  Yellow is the color for this!  Citrine stone is good for that.

4. Heart chakra – 4th chakra – green

This is the heart chakra and a lot of us have closed our hearts after heartache.  This is the area for compassion, love, understanding and trust.  Green is the color here.  I wear a  lot of green.  It is a healing color.  Notice that Oprah’s favorite color is green.  No coincidence! She is all about compassion, love and understanding.  Green stones are helpful here.  Green in your bedroom is great!

5. Throat chakra – 5th chakra – blue – communication –

Express yourself. If u suffer from lots of issues in that area. Make sure u start to express yourself more.   This was a big one for me as I used to suffer a lot from colds and now I understand that I used to keep my feelings and thoughts in and my throat chakra was blocked.  Since I started expressing myself more I no longer suffer from colds.  Blue is the color here.  

6. Third eye – 6th chakra – indigo – seeing clearly

This is the area of seeing clearly.  The color is indigo

7. Crown chakra – 7th chakra – purple – spiritual

This is the area that we receive our messages from the universe.  It is purple.

Choose your colors wisely. Look around your home and see what colors are around you and what colors u need more of. My home is full of blues, greens, yellows and oranges and I wear a lot of purple.

This is a summary to get you started on this journey.  Make changes in your life to live a better life!

Enjoy the journey!