Connection! Communication! Creation!

Let me start by telling you a story.  I moved to Canada 4 years ago and when I moved here I didn’t know anybody. I did not have friends and didn’t know much about Montreal and the West Island which is where I live now. I was lonely! I wanted to learn to adapt here, make friends, grow and find my purpose. I started by google and Facebook. They are my favorite 2 tools. I researched everything that interested me, looked up everything, joined every group you can image, and went to every class. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and just joined and went. It was not easy for me. I would go to events and would start talking to people, connecting with them, meeting for coffee etc. With time my relationships grew and every person introduced me to another and so on. I made many many friends. Volunteered at some of the best organizations, adapted to living in this amazing city and with it all found niches in the market that needed to be filled and started support groups for it and even started my own coaching. I am a Spirituality and Clarity Coach!

Recently I have been reflecting on my gifts and my purpose in life. We all have gifts and talents that we are given. Some are things that we learn and there are things that we do naturally. After much reflection I have realized that my top 3 all start with the letter C. They are connection, communication and creation.


1.      Connection to me means a connection within to God or the universe. It means a connection to oneself. To know oneself.

How to:

–         Prayer /meditation – Just being still. Taking time to be alone. This is when God speaks to us. Where we ask the questions.

–         Listen to God/universe. He is our best friend. Always guiding us with the voices and the intuitive messages


2.      Connection also means connecting to others.  I was good at talking to people before but in the last couple of years have become much better at it. My connections became stronger because I  was willing to be more vulnerable and open to sharing who I am and what I  struggle with.  Again that was not an easy thing for me to do before. I didn’t let people in so that I would not get hurt.

How to:

–         The key to connections with people is to just do it. If you really want to talk to somebody you need to just go and not worry about rejection. Easier said than done! I just push myself now. Life is too short to miss great opportunities!

–         Open up to people! You will be surprised how much you have in common.

–         A lot of people are lonely and they just want connections with others. The world would be a better place if we took time for each other.

Communication with others

Nearly everyday somebody asks me how can you communicate so easily to people. Many people struggle with that. They struggle with making friends, sending messages and just making a phone call. You will be surprised to know that I was someone who was very shy and found it very difficult to make a phone call, go up to people in a big event, even to go to events alone. That would never have happened before. Now I can talk to anyone anywhere. It has become easy for me.

How to:

–         Start with connecting with people on Facebook or other social media platforms

–         Get out there. Nothing better than face to face interactions. Join groups of people who are like minded to you so you will have something to talk to

–         Take time to notice good things about others and mention them

–         Take time to listen to others and ask questions.


For me creation is important. If I see something missing or something that is needed around me I am always trying to find ways to find a solution. An example of this is my ADHD Support group for parents – I did not find the support I needed for my kids so I created it. I thought to myself if I need it then lots of other parents need it. Another example is that I saw a lack of workshops for Single women and personal growth and dating so I created it.

If I see potential in others I want to help them create their dreams. I help my clients find their gifts and how they can create their dreams.

How to:

–         Do you have an idea? A dream. Is it something that you really want? Has anybody else done it or something similar? If yes connect with them, research them online. If not connect with people who can help guide you. Remember our dreams are no accident. They were given to us for a reason. It is up to us to implement them and use them for our life purpose.

What are your top 3?

A lot of my clients are struggling with lack of connections within and with others. They lack knowledge on how to communicate how they feel.  They have the dreams but they do not know how to create them. This is what I help them with. If you are struggling with any of these problems please connect with me

Remember to always enjoy the journey of life!