December 2018 Newsletter


Hi all

I can’t believe this is the last month of the year.  It has been a busy year.

So December’s theme is: Time to refuel your tank

What do I mean by that?  I mean time to stop.  Time to relax, release, fill your soul with friends, family, and activities you enjoy.  It is not the time to strive and build.  It is time to slow down and breath and congratulate yourself for all you have done this year.  Celebrate! Enjoy the little moments!  Fill up your soul.

December I will be going home to Lebanon for a few weeks and will be back refueled for January.  So if you need to book your appointments the final one will be December 12th and will be back at work on 9th January.


November was a busy month for me with the Baby Show, decluttering so many things, the Chakra Show, the many interviews and coaching and so much more.

You can now watch all the interviews on my You Tube Channel.  Monica Karam – Life coach.


I will be finalizing things before my trip and will be back full force in January.  Follow me on my facebook page – Monica Karam Spirituality and Clarity coach as all my updates are on that page.

Have a great month with your families and friends and wishing  you all the best.