December Newsletter

December Newsletter 2017

This month’s theme is Connection, Family, Celebration

Hi Everybody! Welcome back!  I can’t believe we are in December!  This is the last month of 2017.

Time to connect with self

With the holiday season approaching we can sometimes become overwhelmed with the shopping frenzy, social expectations or our children’s “want lists” and forget what it is really about. No matter what holiday you are celebrating or not celebrating remember to spend time alone and with your loved ones. Give them your undivided attention! Schedule time alone with them.  Show the people in your life how much you love them and value them.

Connect with friends

Connect with family

 I am feeling blessed this year as I will be joining my mother, gran, brother and cousins in England. I am also excited to get back to my old stomping grounds.  I went to university there and it was the first time I lived alone. I will be spending some serious quality time with my family and friends and just refuel. We haven’t seen each other for far too long and I will cherish this time with them. When I get back, as a mother of three, I can’t wait to celebrate this holiday with my kids and joyful  experiences and new memories.

What plans do you have?


Connect with loved ones

Updates from last month

Vision board workshop 30 November : It was a fun time! . Thank you all for attending! For those who did not make it I am organizing private groups for this event.  If you have 5 people and more you can contact me and will give you details.  The host gets a bonus surprise.

Vision Board Event 30 November 2017

ADHD Support meeting: The ADHD support group that I started when I first moved to Canada has been therapeutic and a great help to my family and I.  It has grown beyond my wildest dreams and it is now a place where people find the support and resources they need.

I have learned so much and it has been such a great experience to share it with the group live at the support meetings. Since about a year ago, I have been pursuing my new professional adventure as a Life Coach. With all the hours that I am putting into this next chapter of my life, I have decided not to organize the monthly meetups live.  The FB group will continue and I will be active there.

I will be coaching/empowering families with ADHD kids, teens and ADHD adults and will be letting you know of the upcoming programs that I will have available. Please connect with me if you would like to know more

Thank you for all your support and stay tuned for my upcoming events, workshops, blogs and vlogs!

What’s Coming up

My new coaching program and workshop will be called “Who am I really??” and will be an 8 week program.  This program will be for teens and adults.  It will guide you to connect to the real you.

Wouldn’t it be great if our kids started to connect to who they truly are early and follow their passions! Let us give our kids a head start by helping them connect to who they truly are and what they truly want in life!

Vision board event for teens and adults – contact me

One on One coaching.  You can contact me to book a free ½ hour discovery session to find out more.

I now have a youtube channel called Monica Karam where I do short videos and messages for the day.

I’m taking a little break to connect with my family in mid December  but I will check in with you on my social media. Enjoy the holidays!

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