Declutter from the outside in

Hi everybody!  I am back and this blog I am talking about a subject I love to talk about and it is declutter.  I believe that your surroundings reflect your internal world.  So the more cluttered you are outside i.e. in your home, work, personal life the more it is a reflection of what is going on inside.

For the last week I have been doing a major declutter of my home.  Getting rid of so many things I no longer need and redecorating and moving furniture around and I feel so much lighter and more focused.


Here are some of my tips:

1  Ask yourself first “What area of your life are you struggling with most?”  The answer will come.  Then google Feng Shui and find out what part of your house is that in.  An        example   of that is the career area of your home is your entrance.  Look how cluttered that area is and maybe start there.

2. Another question is “which area feels the heaviest to you and is weighing you down the most?”.  Tackle that area first if easier.

3. Move furniture around.  Energy gets stuck so moving furniture moves the flow.

4.  Start slow.  Start with a drawer.  Set a timer and do 1/2 hour first. When you have cleared a bag immediately put it in your car or in the garbage.  Do not leave the things in       your  home.  I have a Villages des Valeurs very close so I drop them off.

5. Start looking at areas of your life that you are holding onto a lot of your stuff from the past.  Time to let it go.  Stuff collects energy and you could still have the energy of your past relationship connected to a bed/sofa so if it feels heavy then it is time for it to go.

6. Time to sage your surroundings.  Get yourself some sage and smudge your home.  I do it weekly. Make an intention to bring in new energy to your home.

7. Now that the weather is good you can open windows that circulate the energy in your home.

8. Look at the things in your home and ask yourself do I really like this.  If not then let it go.

9. I believe my junk is someone else’s treasure so I love giving away things that have been in my cupboard not used and see someone else benefiting from it.

10. Time to add color.  So color makes a big difference in your home.  What colors do you feel you need more of? (look up Chakra colors).  I just revamped my bedroom and added a beautiful blue painting of the view of water.  So now I feel like I am at the waterfront everyday and it makes me happy.  I also added yellow to my room and that gives me warmth and it is the color of the sun.

11.  Have friends help you! My amazing friends have all been helping me with their ideas and with the clearing process.  Fun bonding time and if there is wine even better. Haha! Thank you to you all.  You know who you are!

12. Let go of everything holding you back and start creating the life you want.  What does it look like? Have a vision board in your room so when you wake up you see that vision daily.  Keeps you focused.

13. Declutter your wallet.  Take out all your receipts and make space for money to come in.

14. Revamp your wardrobe.  I cleared so many of my clothes and it feels lighter.  Anything that you have not worn in 1 year let it go.  Give it to someone who will use it now.  Another tip if you used to wear it when you were thinner and are hanging on to it and it has been years let it go.  When you do lose the weight you can buy new ones.

15. Understand that when your home is clutter free or clutter less you will feel more clarity in your mind and you will also feel like you have a sanctuary to come home to.  If not it will stress you out.

16.  Create an alter in your home.  A little spiritual corner where you have a place to feel Zen.  Put on it the things that inspire you.

17. Fix things that are broken or get rid of them. Do not leave things in your home that do not work.  Always remember that everything is energy around you.

Time to start living people.  The more you clear the more shifts will happen in your life!

Don’t forget to enjoying the journey!

Till next time!


P.S. Would love to hear your stories of decluttering and the shifts that happened in your life!