Decluttering Your Mind

So many of us get up fatigued, stressed, overwhelmed! So many thoughts in our heads, so many things to accomplish, so many people to look after. We get to the stage where we can’t do this anymore and we don’t see the point. We don’t see anything wonderful happening in our lives. We get stuck!

Let me explain why! Our mind is like a bedroom full of so many things. It gets cluttered and it overflows. When the room is full there is no place for new furniture to come in. Even if it comes in we can’t see it. Our mind is the same thing. We have so many things going on that are junk or thoughts from the past or things that are not important and they are taking up so much place in our brain. They are not helping us see clearly.

I am going to give you a few steps to help you clear out your brain so that new positive thoughts can come in.

  1. Jot your thoughts down – Take a few minutes to write down the first 3 things that come to your mind. Don’t think too much. Let it come out naturally.
  2. Look at the paper and Ask the question – Does this serve me? – Is this still meaningful? Can I close the door on this? What can I do to clear it? Why am I still holding on?
  3. Look around your house – Is there something or some room in your house that are cluttered and taking up a lot of your thoughts? Start tackling it.
  4. Look at your life – Is there someone in your life that is constantly draining your energy – Look at setting boundaries
  5. Look at your relationships – Are you constantly giving and not receiving? Is your tank empty and you are not refilling it? Maybe it is time to put you on your to do list. Take time to refuel.
  6. Look at the past – Is there something from your past that no longer serves you and you are holding on to. Is it time to close that door?
  7. Take ownership of your life – Understand that we are the people who create our lives. Nobody controls our life. If you are not happy in a situation you can change it. Take the time to change what does not serve you.
  8. Change your mindset – It is the way we see the world that makes a difference to our lives. Let us start seeing our lives as wonderful and be grateful for all we have. The more grateful we are the more good things will happen.
  9. Do not control – The universe/God will send us signs all the time to where or what to do. Be open to receiving. Understand that the signs do not always come in the form you are waiting for them to come in. They are going to come in the form that is for your highest good.
  10. Enjoy the journey