Don’t Worry Be Happy

I have spent most of my life worrying. Every time I had to make a decision in the past I would think of the worst case scenario. I was brought up with generations of worriers. I didn’t take risks in my life because I was scared things would go wrong so I stayed in my comfort zone.When I came to move from Dubai to Canada, I had a list of all the worst-case scenarios that could prevent me from being happy. It was a worry list, and trust me, it was long.

Ironically, when I moved here something that was not on my list ended up happening and it was worse than anything I had imagined. The person I had been married to for 16 years decided he did not want to be married anymore. Obviously it took me by total surprise. I was in a new country and had to deal with adapting, raising 3 kids, breakdown, anxiety, surviving and building my new life. But to my amazement, this experience became a catalyst to a deep transformation in my life for which I am forever grateful. I then learned that experiencing those things on our worry list had the potential to serve as opportunities for unbelievable growth and transformation. Being out of my comfort zone allowed me to let go of the fears and beliefs about life, which kept me trapped in a place where I was not fully living.

Only that experience could have given me the true power to change into who I am today. All of a sudden, this scary list of worries no longer had the power to keep me in a chronic state of worry and anxiety any more. For if I were able to face one of my biggest fears, survive and thrive then what is there really to fear?

Here are the things I learned on my way:

1. Worrying is just wasted energy – It does not get us anywhere. We cannot control what is going to happen tomorrow. Sometimes things happen that we are not expecting and we always get through it. Instead of wasting the energy on worry why not take steps to move forward.

2. Live in the moment – When we are too busy looking at the past and dwelling there we miss the present experiences and when we are thinking too much into the future we miss the present.

3. Trust that everything that is happening to you is for your highest good – Every experience we go through is meant to teach us something and move us to the next stage in our journey.

4. Understand life is a journey – Life is truly meant to be enjoyed and lived fully.

5. Understand that God/the Universe has a plan for our lives – sometimes bad things happen to us because we are not aligned with who we really are and they create a new, unforeseen path for a more authentic way of being true to ourselves.

6. Understand that life is for living and we need to take chances in life – When we take chances and we don’t succeed we have learnt something and if we do succeed, it means that it was meant for us.

7. Understand that when you are connected within outside circumstances do not affect you as much. This allows you to unattach to outcomes and create real freedom and happiness.

8. Understand that everything will come to you at the right time so trust and let go. Patience and trust are key here.

9. Understand that our thoughts create our reality so the more you think of the worst case scenario the more you attract it. We can create the life we want by changing our thoughts and enjoying the moment we are in.

10. Awaken your instinct. It is your true compass in life.

My life completely changed when I understood these concepts. I no longer live all the time in my head. I now live from my heart and follow my gut instincts. If I hear a voice that tells me, “to call you,” I will. I do not know why at the time but there will be a reason. My life now is so much richer because of this. I live everyday in the moment. I spend time only with the people whom I love to be with and whom are positive. When I am with them, I am fully with them and present. I do what I love to do and will only accept invitations if it will add to my life. I am now fully living and authentic and this is one of the most powerful gifts I have ever experienced.

We all worry from time to time and that is normal. The thing is not to stay there and let it have power over you.

Enjoy the journey