February 2018 Newsletter

February Newsletter – Theme of the month – Love

Hi all!! Hope your year has been going well. I can’t believe we are already in February! Time does fly by quickly.

So as the motto of the month says: Love is all around us.

That means it is time to show and receive love. For me love is not just romantic love. It is love to all the people you interract with. Take time to be there for others. Give them your time, expertise, attention  or just a kind words.

Something you can practice daily is talk to 3 people in your day. Say hi to the lady at the coffee shop and ask how she is. Acknowledge the people in your life. Be present with people.

I wrote this article a while back. Hope it helps http://monicakaram.com/where-is-the-love/. Check out my other article loving yourself http://monicakaram.com/love-yourself/


January was an internal reflection month for me. Doing the internal work. Clearing blockages and contemplation.


Working on a vision board event. To be advised!!

Please take time to enjoy the journey! Till next month!

Happy Valentine’s Day to u all!

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