February 2019 Newsletter

Wow! I can’t believe we are already in February 2019. Hope the year is going well so far!

February’s theme is Love.

What does that mean? Love means all the people in your life, Love means loving yourself and appreciating yourself and the people around me. Love means thinking of the people who have passed away and knowing they are by our side everyday. Love means forgiving yourself and those who hurt you and blessing them on their journey and wishing them the best. Love means showing people in your life everyday how much you care. Love means setting boundaries with the people you have in your life and being honest about how you feel. Love means living your best life from your heart and soul. Giving it all you have got.

Take that time! February is not just about romantic love. It is about love. Take the time to spread love to others and be open to receiving it from others. You never know who needs it.

Check out my blogs on love in the blog section!

Janauray 2019 – Updates

January 2019 – Updates

What have I been up to? I took a two and a half week vacation back home to Lebanon. I really needed that. You can follow my trip on my facebook page.

I did my first interview in Lebanon and I also interviewed Aine Sun about reconnecting to your sensuality. You can catch all this and more on my You Tube channel. Monica Karam – Life coach.

More to come! Have a great month everybody! Wishing you much love!