Follow your Gut Feeling

For the last three years I have been following my gut feeling and it has taken me to some amazing places.  This is God/Universe’s way of communicating and guiding you in your life.  The problem is people are so busy/cluttered/overthinking/fearful/listening to others and not sitting still to hear God/universe.

Below are some tips to help you:

  1. The first thing that people need to do is declutter their brain from things that do not serve them anymore. Those things are taking up so much of their time and their energy that they cannot hear or see anything new that comes in. A cleaning must be done. (refer to my article decluttering your life).
  2. In order to hear this voice you have to be still. You have to ask for guidance through prayer/meditation.  Each person has their way of connecting! Find what is best for you!
  3. Practice listening. The message will come in so many different forms. It can come through a friend, a facebook post, anything.  You need to be open to hearing it.
  4. You need to trust that what is happening is for your better good. You need to see the challenges that are happening as a lesson to grow. Tough things happen in our life for our better good. They help us grow and reconnect to who we really are.  Reconnect to our souls!
  5. Patience – You need to be patient. Everything is coming your way but you have to trust it.
  6. Trust your inner voice! You will hear your inner voice telling you something and you don’t know why but trust it. So many times I have heard, call so and so or turn right or just create a group or go to this event or just talk to the person on your right and I have just done that not knowing why and every time I was meant to and it has been what I needed at that time.
  7. Remember that every time something has happened that you were not expecting it diverted you from something that wasn’t for you. Remember that there is a bigger plan. Never be disappointed. 
  8. Remember that all those voices that tell you that you are not good enough. That is not God.  Those are others and the limiting beliefs and people in your head.  God loves you for you.  He has a purpose for your life!
  9. Trust in you. Build your confidence!  Build you and you will be able to hear that voice clearly.
  10. Don’t be afraid! God will catch you.
  11. Getting out of your comfort zone is not easy but when you start listening to your gut amazing things happen.
  12. Take time to connect with you and who you really are. Follow your curiosity and your inner voice and you will find your alignment with your soul.
  13. Stop listening to what people tell you to be. Take their advice and then make your own decisions! You know who you are!  Just believe in you!  You are your best cheerleader.
  14. You must let go of controlling your life!

My life has changed in amazing ways when I cleared the clutter in my life, closed doors that no longer served me ,forgave people who hurt me and listened to the messages that I was receiving.  Most of all when I started loving me and trusting in my abilities.

If you are struggling with any of the above please connect with me so that I can guide you. You too can enjoy the journey of life!

Have a great one people!