Following my dreams

Hi everybody!  Hope you are all doing well.  So I am back to writing.  It has been a while.  To be honest I only write when something inspires me and always from my heart.  Recently I have not felt very inspired.  I have felt like my life is just moving and I am just doing it.  I felt like I was on a roller coaster and there was no stop button.  I felt like life was a chore.  A long to do list  and if felt like it was never ending.  This also happens when I am tired and do not stop to take me time. I felt like everything that I used to enjoy before wasn’t so interesting to me anymore.  I was doing a lot of internal work on myself to discover me and my blockages and what did I really want and this work lead me to face things that I didn’t want to and things that I didn’t even know about.  Not easy work.  It lead me to put boundaries in my life and say no to things that I didn’t want to do and start finding time for me and my needs and importantly asking for help and guidance.  Each step of the way  new clues were coming through.  That is what life is all about.  It is not an overnight thing and I have not found the answer.  I am still on this journey.

What I do know is that I have my mojo back!  I am excited again! I am clearer on my mission and purpose!  That is all I need for now.

Things I know about me:

  1. As I am growing internally I am learning and as I am learning I am sharing. I love learning and I love teaching and I love growing.
  2. I love coaching.  I love guiding people.  I love seeing people whose eye light up when they see hope and direction and they get that light back in their eyes.
  3. I know that my mission in life is to show people the beauty they have within and to guide them to connect to their soul, their unique gifts and to take a chance to live the life of their dreams.  We are all unique.  We all have our own dreams.
  4. I am passionate about sharing inspirational stories with you all.
  5. I love the youth.  I want to inspire parents to see their children.  Really see them and see who they are and what they want to be in their lives and guide their kids.
  6. I am passionate about women.  I want to guide women especially women from the arab world to become independent.  To believe in themselves and that they do not need to be reliant on another person.  They can do this.
  7. I want to create a light, fun, freedom based life where I only do things that mean something to me.
  8. I love writing, expressing myself, my community and connecting with people and now social media and videos.
  9. I love authenticity and heart centred people.
  10. I love to see people jumping and leaving their comfort zones and fulfilling their dreams.

A lot of this list are things I struggled with and as I have overcome them i want see others do that to. Remember the things we struggle with and overcome can be the things that we end up helping others overcome.

What do you know for sure about yourself? Would love to hear the list.

So here goes!  I have decided to start a new journey!  My journey will still be coaching where I will coach people to connect within to discover their core and create the life that they have always wanted to live on top of that  I will be going on adventures around the world (Skype) talking to people who have jumped and taken steps to change their lives in the hopes of inspiring you all to do that.

I will be writing article, doing videos and whatever other medium appears on this journey.  I am excited!  I don’t know where the journey with take me but if after reading this blog you are inspired to take action in your life that would be great. If you want to jump and have a dream that you need help with then connect with me.  If you love my idea and have someone you think I would be interested in connecting with and interviewing would love to hear about it, If you have ideas for a blog topic would be great and if you just have ideas for me and would like to brainstorm can’t wait to hear from you.

I am on an adventure and want to take you all with me.

Have a great day everybody and continue following your heart and soul and enjoying the journey!


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