From Despair to Joy

Hi Everybody so happy to share my first article with you.

In numerology 2017 is a Number 1 year, the start of something new. Meanwhile 2016 was a 9 year- ending of a cycle. That is definitely my life!

In line with new beginnings I have created this blog to share inspiring stories, (including my own) ideas and tools that will infuse positivity, joy and spirituality into your everyday life.

First a bit about myself. On January 11th 2017 I stood at the mediator’s office for the last time with the man who is now my ex husband and signed the last papers that now officially say I am a divorced woman.  Door completely closed.

Before I could close the door and open myself to life’s new opportunities I went through the most challenging time of my life.

Three years ago, I moved to a new country (culture shock), my marriage ended, I was raising 3 kids (2 with ADHD), and suddenly needed to learn to be independent in areas of my life that felt scary.

It was hard at first, I broke down and I remember crying and thinking I can’t do this. I want to go back home to my family. My comfort!

In hindsight and even during some of my lows. I knew that this was a gift. It was an opportunity to reconnect with my faith (discovered it at my low point) and who I really am not the person who felt hidden under who everyone expected her to be.

Some of the lessons along the way:

– I learned to navigate this journey by trusting in God, by seeing the signs/people that came into my life,

– I learned that I needed to push completely out of my comfort zone, seek help, learn by taking courses and to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

– I understood that people come into our lives and leave when their job in our life is done.

– Bad things happen to us for our better good. They help us reconnect with what our soul really needs.

– I understood that we are given difficult things in our lives to make us stronger and the lessons we learn are meant to help us grow and to be used to teach others. Our challenges and how we deal with them can be our strengths.

To be continued ……….

Are you on this journey of self discovery and living on purpose? Have doors in your life closed leaving you feeling stuck and stumped about how to move forward? Are you in a transition? If so hit reply or email me at for a free ½ hour discovery session to share your story with me and how I can help you move forward. Looking forward to hearing from you.