Girls Just Want To Have Fun

I am sure you are wondering why girls?  Why fun?  Well it is not just about girls having fun! It is about the Cyndie Lauper song “Girls just want to have fun”.  My fun music! My memories! It is about losing ourselves in the day to day responsibilities of our lives and the seriousness of it all and forgetting to have fun and lighten up.

I have noticed that I have forgotten to have fun, laugh, enjoy and just be.  Be in the moment!  Do things that I enjoy not just go to things that I have to go to or should go to or should do.  Actually feel excited in my body that I am going to!  It is also the missing ingredient and I am now going to be adding to everything.  I hope you join me!  Enough with the dwelling and the sadness of the past!  Enough with the pushing ourselves forward all the time!  The right things for us flow and are not hard.  The right resources and people come to us when we are on high vibration energy.  We attract it!  When we are in our heads we don’t see anything.

So here goes!  Here are my tips to have fun!  We all have our own and you can add yours!

  1. Listen to music that makes you happy! Dance like nobody is watching! Yes!  I have been listening to Cyndie Lauper, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince and many more 80’s music (expect some 80’s themed parties at some point).
  2. Laugh ! Hang out with people who make you laugh or people who get your jokes! Watch things that make you laugh.  Laughter shifts your energy!
  3. Go out with people that you feel are light and fun to be around. You will feel it!  Always check your body signals and you will know.  If your body feels calm/excited right people.  If you feel anxious wrong people.
  4. Start doing things you love doing or loved doing when you were a child. Did you love painting? Writing? Dancing?  Just being goofie? Eat something that gives you that happy feeling!   I love having my orange or lemon child like ice creams with M&Ms. If you have kids you can be silly and have fun with them.
  5. Make your work fun! If you are an entrepreneur and you are creating workshops or classes or events make them fun!  Add the fun flavor! Even at your job make things light and fun.  You can even put things on your desk that make you smile.
  6. When we are having fun we are ourselves. We are being real!
  7. When we are having fun our problems don’t seem as big because we are focusing on the lighter side!

Most import enjoy the journey! Till next time!

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