Invest in You!

So many of us have so many dreams.  So many things we want to achieve in our lives.  We spend so much time not following our dreams because we get distracted by our responsibilities and what is expected of us.  We also think that they are not realistic and that we will never achieve them.

What you want out of life you can achieve.  First you must invest in you to make your dreams a reality.

Things you can do today to invest in yourself.

  1. What are the things that are stopping you? Why can’t you achieve your goals? Sit with a paper and pen and start writing. Be honest with yourself. That is the first step. Face your issues!
  2. Take the different aspects of your life: Love. Social life, work, family, money, spirituality, health, personal growth and write down three goals you want to achieve there.
  3. Face your fears. I have a fear of public speaking.  Today I am pushing past it and going to Toastmasters and taking steps towards overcoming my fears. They can be baby steps.  I am not going to speak tomorrow but I am going to take a simple yet significant step towards speaking just by going to see what it is all about.
  4. Do you lack energy? Have you been to an energy healer? When I need a boost I go to an energy healer.  Our bodies are made of energy and sometimes we need to shift that energy. Sometimes past pain is just stuck energy.  Energy healing has helped me so much in my personal growth.
  5. Are you stuck and unable to move forward? Do you need tools to help you? Do you have a friend who can help?   I am a coach but I also go to my coach when I need help.  Seek out a coach/mentor in the field that you are stuck in.  Very important to do your research and see who resonates the most with you. My coaches and mentors have been vital in my personal growth and why I decided to become a coach.
  6. Get rid of the clothes in your wardrobe that no longer serve you. Start investing in the look that most resonates with your authentic self. I recently cleared my closet with the help of a friend of mine who is a style coach.  I realised that I was hanging on to so many clothes because of memories. Sometimes we hide behind the clothes. Let us invest in clothes that show who we really are not the one that is hiding.
  7. Connect with people who have achieved your goals and pick their brain. See how they achieved what you want to achieve. Surround yourself with those people.  Truly successful people want others to succeed.  They are happy to share their knowledge and experience for that purpose. Chances are they had mentors who helped them and still do.
  8. Take courses, invest in workshops, books, seminars and groups that can bring you closer to your dream. These days there are great videos on youtube for free.
  9. Invest in your health by eating foods that fuel your body and make movement part of your life. Find an activity that you love to do and start doing it.  When you love it you are more likely to be motivated.
  10. Find a tribe that empowers you and tells you what you need to hear not you want to hear.

Remember money is energy so the more you invest in you the more the energy flows.

Most of all! Enjoy the journey!

Written by Monica Karam