January 2018 Newsletter

Theme of the Month is: New Beginnings

Theme of the month – New beginnings

Happy New Year everybody!  Hope it has started off well.  I usually send you the newsletter at the beginning of the month but with the holidays and kids home getting back to work so was not easy.  I am ready now and ready to motivate you all back into action.  We all needed that break and we also needed to release a lot of the energy from 2017.  Time to close that chapter and thank it for all that it has given us and step into 2018.

2018 is going to be a great one because you are going to decide to make it one.  You are going to decide to see the opportunities and  the lessons in everything.  If you do that so much with shift.

Time to start setting our goals and really asking for what we want.  Remember that our thoughts create our reality!  Time to start thinking positively and dreaming big!

Time to put your word out there in the universe.  How do you want to feel this year?

For more on the tips for 2018 you should read my latest blog Happy New Year 2018 http://monicakaram.com/happy-new-year-2018/

News from December

So many things happened in December 2017.  Did my first radio appearance on Solo in the City on CJAD and that was so fun.  First interview on the Holistic Life Network.

Took my holiday and went to London England to be with family and old and new friends.  Great time!

Things coming up

So many new workshops and projects stay tuned!

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Do you need guidance in moving forward in 2018?  Do you feel excited but don’t know how to start?  Is this the year you want to become more confident? Independent? Intuitive? clutter free within? open to seeing the opportunities in your lie? adventurous? Find your life purpose? or maybe just reconnect to the real year.  If this sounds like you then I can help.  Connect with me by text or email.  Looking forward to guiding you.  I did it and so can you.  Read my story for inspiration.

Have a great day all and don’t forget to enjoy the journey

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