July 2018 – Newsletter

Hi all!

Wow! I can’t believe it is already July! Hope you are all having a good year so far.  I know you have all been hard at work with your life! Busy with work, life, figuring it out and kids for those who have children.  So July is time to enjoy and take it easy.

So July’s Theme is: Enjoy and be Spontanious

It is time to take time off from all the running around and the brain work and the doing.  Time to do the receiving.  Time to give to yourself.  Time to rest.  Time to take your walks.  Time to enjoy yourself.  Time to see what is fun to do.  Time to just say yes to new fun things. Time to be curious like a child.  Some of the best times are the spontaneous ones that are not planned.  Time to enjoy being you.  Just feeling and flowing.  Are you ready?

To catch up on all that you missed please go to the blogs on my website and to my Monica Karam Life coach website for the videos you have miss.  I have started new videos where I interview people around the world who are inspiring others and inspiring me.

Wishing you a great summer! Enjoy it and try something new.

Till next time