July 2019 Newsletter

Hi everybody! How are you all? We are half way through the year. Wow! This month’s theme is: Focus

What do I mean by Focus? I mean now is the time to get rid of all that does not serve you and focus on what you want in life. What we focus on grows. What are you focusing on? Are you focusing on what isn’t working in your life or are you focusing on gratitude and your dreams? Are your thoughts positive and optimistic or are you negative all the time? It is time to focus on your intentions, your passions, your energy and start taking steps. What is bringing you down? What is lifting you? Follow how you feel.

What have I been up to?

In my work I have been focusing on enjoying my work. Recently been creating coaching and workshops in the park (how to ground, connect with nature and more), online, tapping into creativity and been doing more speaking engagement.

Started a brand called Monica’s where I discovered these amazing core values tree of life. You can connect with me to know more and buy one if you would like. You have a tree of life on your desk that says Wisdom, Peace, Love, Strength, hope and Prosperity. It is a great reminder.

I have been really removing all the things in my home that have not been used, are small or just don’t feel like our home. I have been giving them to places that I know will use them. Before giving anything away I thank it and then release it. I have been clearing my social media and my schedule. It was time to set boundaries with people and also let go of things that we should do verses things that you want to do. Took a lot of time to be in nature. Hooponopono meditations and many more things. Spent more time balancing my life work/life balance. Sometimes you need to take the time to clear and set yourself and your family up for success by removing the distractions and put a plan in place. Clearing space is good. It tells the universe you are ready and have the time for new. If you are too busy the universe only hears she is busy.

Take time to see what in your life needs to go and what or who lifts your energy and start from there. You know the way. If you need guidance I am here.

Have a great July everybody! Take time to rest as that is as important as work. It fills your soul tank.