June 2018 Newsletter

Hello everybody!

Yes we are now in June!  Time flies! Hope you had a good May and have been busy.  So now you have Jumped in March, planted in April, trusted the universe in May and June is time to bloom.

So June’s theme is Bloom.


Time to reap the rewards of all your hard work.  Time to be grateful for it all.  So everyday write your gratitude journal of the 5 or more things you are grateful for that day and see more amazing things happen in your life.  The small things.  An example of something I am grateful for is that my son got a good grade at school when he had been struggling and now he is doing so much better.  Another example is a call from a friend in the morning. An amazing cup of coffee in your backyard.  The simple things.

Now that things are blooming it is time to congratulate yourself and celebrate.  You can celebrate with others but a great way is to look in the mirror at yourself and say good job.  We never take the time to celebrate our little victories.  We are always busy telling ourselves that we should do better.  Take that time.

Articles and videos that you may have missed in May

Check out my you tube channel Monica Karam Spirtuality and Clarity Coach for the latest videos.

Below is one of the articles and you can check out all you missed on my website in the blog section along with all the past newsletters.

Declutter from the outside in

Birthday tips

So June is my birthday and I have a ritual on my birthday and I am going to share it with you all as it might inspire you all.  The day of my birthday I wake up and check my emails.  The year before I would have written an email to myself with the list of the things I would like to achieve by next June.  I look at it and see what from the list came true.  They don’t have to be big things.  They can be things like more time in nature.  You will be surprised how many things do. Then I look at the list and the things that did not happen I ask myself are they still applicable.  If not I remove them and then I write a new list.  This is similar to a goal list or vision board.  I write it in point form and it is like I am blowing out the candle on my birthday.  I write the list and email it to myself and forget about it.  I only look at it the next year.  Hope this helps.  I have been doing this for 5 years and I love it!


The Special offer for the Month

As June is my favorite month as it is my birthday I like to give presents to others and I would like to offer the new clients 1 intuitive and Clarity session for the month of June.  The offer is below.



Have an amazing month and keep believing and enjoying the journey!

Till next time!