Laughter is the Best Medicine

I have been thinking lately that all I have been doing is working, looking after kids, and dealing with life’s responsibilities.  I have not taken the time to laugh, be silly and enjoy life.  I miss that.  It is so important.  I was listening to a facebook vlog the other day and the guy was saying that the best way to deal with your anxiety is to reconnect with you and go back to the real you.  Have fun!  He is right!  We need to laugh and have fun.  I remember the times that I really laughed and it was the same muscles used for anxiety.

My motto and the necklace I wear all the time is “Live, Love, Laugh” (picture above)

Let us switch our anxieties to laughter.  How can we reconnect with our funny silly side?

Here are some examples:

  1. Ask for guidance. Make the intent to bring more laughter into your life.  Ask the universe to bring more people into your life that bring laughter and joy into it.
  2. Smile at people. Make that part of your day.  Look people in the eyes. Smile and say hi.
  3. Start by watching things that make you laugh.
  4. Remember a time that you had a lot of fun and laughed. Keep that memory and see with whom and what you were doing then.  How can you recreate that feeling?
  5. Surround yourself with people who have similar senses of humour and who are positive.
  6. Join groups like comedy nights and my new group on facebook called Laughter is the best medicine – Montreal.
  7. Dance to your favourite song and do some silly moves.
  8. If you have kids just be silly with them.
  9. Join a laughter yoga class. So much fun!
  10. Go through your friends list and see who is fun and funny and get a group together to go out.
  11. Add humour to everything you do. See the funny side of everything. Makes the tough times easier to deal with.
  12. Have a board game night where you play a fun silly game.
  13. Put a funny quote on facebook daily. Follow people who make you laugh.  Make sure that your facebook or social media pages are full of positive and fun feeds

Let us start a laughter movement!  Who is in?

Let us enjoy the journey of life!