The Laws of Attraction: How it worked in my Life.

The book The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne completely changed my life. The concept of the Laws of Attraction was a transformational and powerful concept for me. In 2007 I read the book, The Secret. It was the first time I heard about the Law of Attraction. At that time I was struggling to have more children and wanted desperately to have another child. I was a constant worrier and always saw the worse case scenario happening. I was blessed with one son, but was unable to have more and kept having miscarriages.

After reading the book, I decided to change the negative thoughts in my life to positive ones. I then understood that my thoughts create my reality and I decided that instead of feeling sorry for myself, I was going to have another child and was going to do whatever it took to have one.

People around me would say, ‘It is ok, you already have a child.’ But in my head and my heart I knew I would have another. I started going to the gym daily so that I could start getting fit and strengthening my body to increase the chance of having a healthy child. I decided to see a specialist to see what I could do to have more children. He said my only option was IVF. In the meantime, my friend had triplets and I would see them daily. One day I had two of the babies on my lap and someone took a photo. I put that photo next to my bed and looked at it every day, never imagining what would happen next.

What occurred next was to me a perfect example of how the universe works…

All the workouts and my decision to believe that I was going to have a baby started me on the process of IVF. I tried many other things first, but decided to try IVF. Not only was I fortunate enough that IVF worked for me, but what was truly amazing was that I became pregnant with twins! At first my babies were not growing enough, but then they both started to grow and thrive. The true miracle is that the picture I was looking at everyday with me holding the two babies became a reality! I wanted it so much and did everything to get it that the universe heard me. Without realizing it, looking at the photo everyday, I was envisioning what I wanted. I am delighted to have many other stories like this. This is just one of them. God gives us what is meant for us and also what is for our higher good.

Some tips I would like to share with you to bring attraction into your life:

1. Understand that our thoughts create our reality – So if we constantly think that we can’t do something, we won’t be able to do it.

2. Every word we say to ourselves becomes a reality, so be mindful of and control what you say.

3. Dream big – Believe you can achieve it! – Don’t think too much about how it will happen, just simply take steps towards it.

4. The reason things don’t work out is because they are not for our highest good. There is another plan for our lives. As you learn to accept that you stay in the flow of life rather than struggling against it.

5. Set goals for your life and move closer to them

6. Believe that God knows what he is doing you don’t have to control how it will happen, but know you are being taken care of and that you deserve good.

7. Understand that when something is always closing in your face it means it is not meant for you and you need to move to the other doors that are open for you, waiting for you to enter. Instead of resisting it, say ‘yes!’ and you will stay in this abundant flow of life.

8. Things that are for our highest good don’t come in packages that we are used to. Open your eyes and mind to new possibilities.

9. Believe that you can achieve your dreams. Don’t let negative thought take you away from your dreams.

10. Enjoy the journey! Life is a journey don’t be in a rush to get to the destination!