Lesson in Trusting Myself – The Thermopump Story

Lesson in Trusting Myself – The Thermopump Story

2016 was a new beginning for me.  It was the first time in my life that I had to take sole responsibility for big decisions in my life. Yes!  I know it is late in life but we each learn our lessons when we are meant to.  I am Lebanese and I grew up in a household (amazing parents) who over protected and sheltered me from everything.  My parents would make the decisions and then I married and let my husband make all the big decisions.  I would give my opinion but found it very very hard to make the final decision.  My fear of making the wrong one would cripple me.

Fast forward 2016 I am a divorced woman living in my own place raising two kids and now the decisions for my life and their lives are up to me.  Fear is an understatement!  Self-doubt and procrastination were in my life for a while and sometimes still are.

Initially I started making decisions and realizing that they were not what was right for me but based on what others thought was right for me. Slowly the more I started to do the work on my own personal growth and build my confidence the more I started to see what really made me happy.  I started attracting the right people and situations that resonated with me.  It was like a caterpillar emerging into a butterfly.  As my daughter Mia once said “Mom you are a butterfly whose wings are still not stable to fly”.

My thermopump story is a perfect example.  I made the decision in 2016 to buy my condo.  It had everything I wanted. Before buying it I wrote down what I wanted on a list. (Laws of attraction).  I got all the things on my list.  Living in the home in winter I noticed that there was cold coming in.  This was frustrating for me!  People would come over and would not see the problem.  I knew there was but my self -doubt kept telling me that maybe I was wrong and the others were right.  I kept pursuing it.  I brought in so many experts and each one would tell me something different. 1 Year later I am installing a thermopump in my home, closing the window air conditioning and have made many changes to sort the problem and hopefully this winter I will have a warm home.

The lessons I have learnt have been many:

  1. Patience – Do not rush to make decisions – Take your time and do your research.
  2. Educate yourself – When you have to make a decision get opinions from people who are experts in this field.  Have at least 2-3 different opinions.
  3. Trust your gut – When I am making decisions and I get anxiety my body is telling me that something is off. I trust it now. When I am making the right decision for me I feel it in my body as calmness and I am at ease with making the decision. When I feel calmness I tend to make the decision quickly!
  4. Believe in yourself – You are the only one who knows what is best for you.
  5. Envision it!– When making a decision feel it as if it has happened.
  6. Delegate – You can not do it all! Build a tribe!  Have a support system!  Have people who can guide you in aspects of your life that you struggle with.
  7. Grow your strengths – We all have things that we are strong at. Use those strengths to help guide your decisions.
  8. Do not procrastinate! Take small steps!  It is ok if things are not perfect.
  9. Things can go wrong and problems may arise and they did when I was installing it. Anxiety can come back.  Take a step back and breathe!  Sometimes the problems end up directing you on a better path and saving you a lot of others problems in the future!
  10. Celebrate your accomplishments!
  11. Trust in God/Universe! There is a lesson to be learned! Every obstacle is there to make you stronger!
  12. Enjoy your journey!
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