Lessons for My Children

Lessons for my children

So Mother’s day is approaching and I am sitting thinking of my role as a mother and what I want my kids to learn.  This motherhood job is not an easy job and we all have our ups and downs, but at the end of the day I believe that we need to give them a box full of things that will hep them in life.

Here are the lessons I try to teach my kids:

  1. Politeness and Respect – I teach them that they should always be polite to others.  Even if the other person is not. I teach them to always answer back and stand up for themselves but in a polite manner. Please, thank you, a kind word and a smile go a long way!  I spent a long time teaching my kids how important eye contact is.  When you are with people always look them in the eyes because it will show them that you are fully focused with them.
  2. Resilience – for me resilience is a big one. I had to learn resilience as I got older so I want my kids to be able to learn it from a young age.  As the dictionary defines it, It is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.  Our kids need to understand it is ok to fall down and it is ok to stay there for a little while but they also need to understand that they need to get up and move forward.  So many people dwell in the down place!
  3. Independence – Our kids need to learn how to do things on their own.  The more we over protect them or do the things for them the more that they will depend on others.
  4. Compassion, kindness and Emotional Intelligence – Kids need to learn how to be compassionate to others. We need to expose them and teach them from a young age.  They need to learn to accept others for who they are and for their struggles. It is very important that they see you volunteering, being compassionate, doing charity work, being sensitive to their needs and others.  Show them love and compassion and they will show it to others.  Remember that our kids follow our example!
  5. Street smart – Being book smart is good but it is important for kids to know how to learn in life and how to live in the real world. They can only experience this when they are exposed to it.
  6. Creativity – Kids are creative. We need to encourage the things they love to do.  That is how we will get to know the real child and the more we give them outlets for their creativity the more they will grow. The more they grow the more their confidence will grow and with growth and acceptance they will find the people that they fit in with.
  7. Social skills – Kids need to learn social skills. They need to learn how to communicate.  Our society these days is all about technology and kids don’t spend face to face time with others.  They need to build connections with people and friendships.
  8. Tolerance – Kids need to be exposed to people of different cultures, faiths and beliefs and they need to learn tolerance and love for each other.
  9. Listening skills – A lot of kids spend time in the ego state. It is all about me. They need to be taught that others are important and we need to listen to them and they need to listen to us.
  10. Faith – For me faith is very important. I would like my kids to believe in a higher power and someone inside them that is guiding them.  I teach them to trust in God and their path.
  11. Enjoy Life – I want them to learn to have fun and enjoy the moment.
  12. Failing is ok – I want them to learn that it is ok to fall or fail and it happens. They need to get up and see where they failed and how can they improve.  If they keep trying and it doesn’t work that might not be for them and maybe they need to try another path.  Things happen.  Move on.
  13. If you dream it, it will happen – I want my kids to dream big. If they have a dream I tell them not to let anybody tell you it wont happen.  Keep believing and keep working towards it.  I will be there for them all the way.
  14. Gratitude – Always be grateful for what you have. We do the list of 5 things we are grateful for daily.
  15. Love themselves – I teach my kids to be proud of themselves and that they are beautiful inside and out.
  16. Positive attitude – I try to always let them see the positive of every situation. That way they learn to see the good in their life.
  17. Patience – I teach them patience – That is a tough one and I am not a very patience person. Take time with them and let them take time doing things. Teach them to breath and wait for things.

Just enjoy the journey with your kids.  They grow up fast!

Happy Mother’s day to all you amazing mothers!