Life Purpose! How do I know what it is?



Life Purpose!  This is a question that I have been asked so many times.  What am I meant to do?  What am I good at? How can I make a living out of what I love?  These are questions I used to ask myself too.  The answer is not an easy one.  It is a long journey to discovering your purpose but the key is that it is not a destination it is in what you do in your day to day.

You must be wondering what is she talking about?  What I mean is that we are all given gifts.  Ones we use everyday that are unique to us.  You may not notice them.  You may think there is nothing special about me.  The thing is there is.  You may be amazing at how you act with people.  It could be so natural and you make them feel amazing.  I have a friend who when she talks to people you can see the shift in them.  She doesn’t know she does it because it comes naturally to her.  Some people can write, do art work, sing, take care of others, play music.  So many things!  Just living with it and not noticing anything special about it.  Another friend has a way of always giving small cards and gifts that are so personal and very expressive.  She just makes people feel special.  So beautiful!

The life purpose or gifts we have do not have to become our job.  It is great if they do but we can also do them so that we can enhance our life.  The joy we get out of doing them is what lights up our soul.  Lighting up our soul is what makes our lives amazing.

So how do I know what they are?  Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1.  What do I enjoy doing?  What would I do if money or time were not obstacles? How would I spend my day?
  2. What makes me happy?  What makes my soul happy? When do I feel calm in my body and at peace?
  3. What lights me up?  I always look at people’s eyes when they are talking and I can see when they are talking about something they are passionate about.  There is a twinkle in their eyes.  I have helped people find their passion by just listening to them talk and looking into their eyes.  Remember the eyes are the window into the soul.
  4. What did I love to do when I was a child?  That is a big clue.  I would spend my time watching interviews with famous people and be fascinated by how they became who they are.  What drove them!  I wanted to be a journalist.  I was always the one people came to with their problems.  Funny that my name Monica means advice giver.  Look up your name.  You never know that could be a clue!
  5. How do people describe me?  Ask a few people who know you well.  That is a big clue.  Sometimes we are too caught up in our own thoughts that we don’t seen what others see in us.
  6. You could be doing different jobs but the same underlying gift.  An example of that is that I used to be in real Estate, a teacher and now I am a coach.  All of the jobs from the outside might not be related but look deeper and you will see that they are all about being with people and guiding them.  Real estate is making them feel comfortable and guiding them towards buying their home, teaching is guiding the child and the parents in the education of their children and coaching is coaching and guiding others.  Look carefully at your life and path.  Look back and see the thread.
  7. Follow your curiosity!  When you love or are interested in something take time to learn more.  Educate yourself!  Try it!  You never know.  I did not know what coaching was 4 years ago. When I  started my personal growth journey and all the healing work I did on myself and all the coaches and other people who guided me I became interested in it and studied it and now I am a coach.  Just keep following your curiosity!  It will lead you to so many interesting places.
  8. Get out of your comfort Zone!  Take small steps out!  You cannot discover anything if you don’t try!
  9. When you are doing what you love you are in the moment and time doesn’t exist.
  10. Enjoy the journey!  This is a journey!  It must be fun!  Do not put pressure on yourself!

Till next time!

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