Love Yourself

Love yourself??? What does that mean?  Isn’t that selfish?  Isn’t that egoistic to put yourself first?  The answer is no.  The problem these days is that we are all giving to everybody in our life.  Caring about everybody in our lives.  Giving our energy away. So who is giving to us???

Our bodies are like cars.  They take us everywhere.  When the car is full it works very well.  It takes us everywhere but when the car is empty it breaks down.  Our bodies are like that.  We can’t keep giving our energy to others and not refueling it.  That is what I mean by loving yourself.  I mean we need to keep refueling our bodies and our energy. Like with the analogy of the plane.  We need to first put the mask on ourselves before we put it on our kids.

How can we do this?

  1. Spend time alone – Hibernate for some time. It could be an hour, half a day, one day. Whatever you can.  I do a date night with myself.  Such an important date!
  2. Be still – meditate – Pray – whatever feels good to you. Take the time to be with yourself.
  3. Look at yourself in the mirror – really look at yourself. Look straight into your own eyes.  Get to know the person looking at you.  So important!  We spend so much time avoiding ourselves.  When we start to love who we see in the mirror our whole perspective shifts.
  4. Eat Well and exercise– Take time to look after the body that we have. It is the vessel we were given.  Feed it well and keep it in good shape.
  5. Connect with your soul – What makes you happy? Who makes you happy? Do things that make your soul happy.
  6. Reconnect with your inner child. Be silly! Laugh! Dance! Sing! Have fun! Be in the moment! Enjoy! I dance every morning with my kids.
  7. Go out in nature – Reconnect with the earth.
  8. Connect with God/Universe. So important to have that connection and to trust it.  It makes life so much easier.
  9. Be grateful for everything you have. Take time to enjoy and be thankful for everybody and everything in your life.
  10. Live authentically – Be true to who you really are. Take chances in your life to bring you closer to you and what you love.  That will fill your tank. Be happy being you!
  11. Personal Growth – read or watch something that inspires you and helps you grow.
  12. Do something for you everyday. Something like your hair, massage, a bath, an art class, a walk, or coffee with a friend.  Something that fuels you.
  13. Spend time with positive people. We become the 5 people we spend time with.  So spend time with people who inspire you, lift you and support you.  Remove the negative people in your life. Also your social media feed remove all the negative feeds.
  14. Do something that fulfills you. Volunteer for a cause that you are passionate about.  Do something to help someone else.  It will fuel you.
  15. Understand that nobody can make you happy. You are the one who makes yourself happy. It is a mindset. If you want to attract a positive person, a funny person, a kind person etc you must become that.  We attract who we are!

Most import is to enjoy the Journey!