March 2018 Newsletter


March Theme is Jump – Spring into action


Hi everybody! Hope that you have been doing well and that your year has started well and February has been kind to you.  March is the time to start moving and taking steps to create the life you really want.  It is time to take small steps.  Remember that the universe only knows you are serious when you ask for help and take steps towards your dreams. What can you do to start moving?

Above is the life wheel.  Look at the different areas of your life and see out of 10 how you score.  Look at the lowest one and see what you can do as a small step to move one level up.  Start with that.  Don’t be hard on yourself.  You have come a long way.  Be grateful for your progress.  Do not compare yourself with others.

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If you need support on this journey please go to my website or by email and connect with me so that we can organize a free 1/2 discovery session to see how I can guide you.

Special offer for the Month of March 2018

To help you jump into March I am offering the 1 hour intuitive and Clarity Coaching session for 1/2 price at 45 Canadian Dollars  all of March.  In the session I will use my oracle cards to receive messages, work with you on your core values and see what is going on that is preventing you from moving forward and jumping.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

Have a great month everybody and keep smiling and enjoying the journey.


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