Motherhood! Is it really that Rewarding?


Motherhood!  So many people talk about how amazing motherhood it is and how it has changed their lives. Yes there are parts of it that are wonderful.  Parts of it that are rewarding.  Nothing better than seeing your child take their first steps in all the big milestones, the hugs, the I Love yous and so many other beautiful moments.

The reality of motherhood is that it is not a daily wonderful experience.  “It is a daily ground hog day” as my friend says.  Everyday we wake up to the same routine, the same conversation, the same homework schedule, the same activity schedule and the same thing over and over.  The routine life that builds the lives of these young people.  The thing is it takes a lot out of a mother.  It takes all the energy she has to make sure that these children are the best version of what they are meant to be.  Many days she is filled with guilt, blame and feelings like she is not a good mother.  Looking at others and thinking that the other mom has it all together.  So not true!  We all have great days and tough ones.  This job is one of the most difficult jobs. A lot of the time the mother forgets herself and her needs, to be there for her children.

Let us make motherhood awesome again and take back control of our lives.

  1. Take care of you first. You cannot be of use to anybody if you don’t take care of yourself.
  2. Take one hour or more out of your schedule to refuel your tank. Add something to your schedule that you love doing.  Something that you enjoy doing for yourself. Remember our energy is transferred to our kids so the calmer you are the better they are.
  3. Every activity that you do with your kid be there. Be in the moment! Make an effort.  It will get easier!
  4. Schedule alone time with your kids. One on one even if it is for 10 minutes.  Spend time with them without lecturing or asking them to do something. Do not look at the phone.
  5. Laugh! . Be silly with your kids.
  6. Don’t take everything so seriously. When something doesn’t go your way shift your energy and move on.  Nothing is worth ruining your day and staying in the negative.
  7. Remember the great things about being a mom.
  8. Always say this too will pass.
  9. Make the routine fun! Mix it up a bit.
  10. Remember that one day these kids will grow up and you won’t have the same time with them so enjoy it while they are young.
  11. Enjoy this journey because it is filled with amazing moments and memories.

Yes, you are an awesome mom!!!

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