My Morning Routine

Hello all!

It has  been a while since I wrote a blog.  Hope you are all well.  I wanted to share my morning routine of  keeping my energy high.  My top 10 tips:

  1. I ground myself – I stand and imagine I have roots like a tree.  I imagine these roots are plugged into the earth through an electric socket.  I do the same with the crown chakra.  I also imagine that I am surrounded by a bubble of light to protect my energy.
  2. Angel protection – I pray and ask for protection from God and my angels and ask for guidance.
  3. 3 to dos – I write only 3 things on my to do list.  I check the night before my schedule of the day.
  4. Early wake up – I wake up before everybody else to have me time.  I ask that all goes smoothly.
  5. Safety and Security – As I get into my car I ask for protection for me, my kids and my car to stay safe especially in Canadian snow weather.
  6. Shift my Focus – I take time between tasks to ground, breath and shift focus.  I take time to let go of what happened.  I don’t take it with me through my day.
  7. Intuitive messages – I give myself quiet time to hear my intuitive messages and I follow them.
  8. Quote of the day –  I look for the right quote for the day and post it on Facebook and I pick a card of the day from my Oracle cards.
  9. Enjoy the day – Take the time to enjoy the day!
  10. Write in your gratitude Journal

The above advice is also available on You tube as a video.

Have a great day everybody!  Hope it helps.