Nature is the Best Therapy

Nature is the best therapy

Lately I have been walking in nature at the park near me.  Initially it was very difficult for me to do these walks alone as I was the type of person that always needed to be entertained to be motivated.  One day I was supposed to meet friends for the walk and they did not turn up so I decided to walk alone.  That was the beginning of a great journey in spending time alone in nature.

The 10 benefits of walking:

  1. Reconnect with you

It is so important to spend time alone to reconnect with yourself.  To just stop for a while.  Quiet time away from the chaos of life helps you take time away and slow down.

  1. Great for the body

It is great exercise for the body.  You lose weight, feel energetic and feel toned.

  1. Great for the brain

It is amazing for the brain.  It calms the brain down.

  1. Relieves stress symptoms

Relieves stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Walking boosts endorphins the feel good hormones that improve our moods and lowers stress and other symptoms.

  1. Appreciate nature

Gives you time to appreciate nature around you.  So healing!  We connect with other living things.

  1. Listen to messages from the universe

Great time to listen to the messages we receive from the universe/God.  We get clarity in nature.  A lot of my aha moments have come in the park. This is a walking meditation.

  1. Refuels your tanks

Nature replenishes us.  It refuels your tank.  After a long walk I feel ready and motivated to move forward.

  1. Connect with others

We meet new people on our walks or we bump into other people.  Sometimes include others in your walks and so many amazing exchanges happen.

  1. Vitamin benefits

When the sun in out you get vitamin D.

  1. Creativity

Creative ideas come when you are quiet.  It helps with creativity.


Have fun and enjoy the journey!