November 2018 Newsletter

Hi all

Hope you had a great October! It has not been an easy one as lots of movement in the planet.

November’s theme is :Declutter your life

What do I mean? I mean let go and get rid of everything that no longer serves you in your life and on your journey!!

I remember reading a book by Steve Harvey where he talks about up going up a hill in a wheelbarrow and he says you have to remove the people in your life that are dead weight and bring the people into the wheelbarrow who help you up,

So when I say Declutter I mean our homes, our surroundings, the people in our lives, the beliefs, the thoughts and the energies.

So are you ready?

If you need support with the beliefs and thoughts and how to start you can always contact me.

So what happened in October!

I started the Mo & Jo Chakra Show with Joanna Mc Donald. So much fun! You can watch it here, or on Facebook every Tuesday and on You tube. The page is Mo & Jo Chakra Show on Facebook.

Dating Mastery event with Iliana Sanchez

Coaching and creating

What to expect in November

Interviews with people inspiring me and doing great work. Videos, coaching and so much more.

24 November the Babyshow. I am event organizer. 25 tables and 4 guest speakers.  Yoga and Zumba class for kids.

All that is happening you can check it out on my Facebook page which is Monica Karam Spirituality and Clarity Coach or intagram

I keep jumping and following my curiosity and enjoying the ride.

Hope you are too. Wishing you a great November!