School’s out

So school is out and it is time to close one door. What does that mean? It means thanking the teachers, thanking the school and thanking your child. You can do it in person or energetically. Just say thank you to the universe. When one door closes you need to clean things out like school bags, lunch boxes, papers, books etc. Then you need to take a break before starting camp or holidays. 

Life is the same. Time to clean up. Time to clean up all that you don’t need anymore. Time to clean out the clothes that don’t fit you anymore (thank them for what  they gave you and let it go) thanks Renee Rushton for the reminder, clear your schedule (is the thing on your schedule important), clear your emails and social media, the paperwork and anything else that is cluttering your life. Clear surroundings clear mind. 

Take time to move things around, it shifts energy in your home.   Like the weather changes so do the things around you. 

When we declutter we leave space for new to come in. Thanking the energy cleans the space and also when something leaves your home the good energy goes to the next person, same with anything else. Thanking the old job, thanking the old home ( I thanked my old home), thanking relationships (even if they ended badly). This is a great practice to remember in your life. 

Remember everything is energy and energy is everywhere. Be mindful of everything you do. 

Have a great evening everybody!!