Below are examples of the one on one coaching courses and workshops I do. 

If any of them resonate with you, I would love to hear from you.

What is Spirituality? 

"Spirituality - My Journey" (Blog post)

What is intuition?


How to hear the messages from the universe?

Taking control of your life

Take control of your life.
You are the only one responsible for your life

"Believe in you" (Blog post)

How to declutter your brain?

"Decluttering your brain?" (Blog post)

How can you use
Chakras andcolor therapy
to change your life

"Chakras & Color Therapy" (Blog post)

What are your core values and how them become your GPS?

"Who am I"(Blog post)

How our health problems are a message from what is going on inside and how to heal it. 

Testimonial from Art

What is your life purpose and how to create
a business out of it? 

"Life purpose.  How do I know what it is?" (Blog post)
Testimonial from Chris 
Testimonial from Lynda

What is the vision for your life? 

Vision board event video

Families and Children

Who are your kids? What are their core values values? Their gifts and passions?

Testimonial from C.M.

Why do our kids have anxiety

Anxiety in kids (Blog post)

ADHD My gift 

 "ADHD My gift" (Blog post)

How to build confidence in our kids

How does color therapy help our kids

"Chakras & Color Therapy" (Blog post)

Teach our kids to connect to their intuition.

Personal Coaching


Introductory Meeting


½ Free Discovery session to see which program is the best fit and if we are the right fit.

(by phone, skype or in person)

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Intuitive Clarity Coaching

$90 CND - 1 hour

We look at your core value, what is weighing you down. I also work with the oracle cards to give you the message your soul needs you to know. The session builds your intuitive abilities.

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One-on-One Follow Up Sessions

For Families, teens and adults.

$350 CND - 4 session follow up

Creating a creative new way of being. Living with your eyes wide open and noticing the signs.

Does your teen struggle with ADHD, anxiety, self-esteem or loss of life direction?

I work to empower and help guide people to trust in themselves and develop their core values and belief in themselves and what they truly want in life.  We create a vision for their life.



Introductory Meeting

FREE (book here)

½ Free Discovery session to see which program is the best fit and if we are the right fit.

(by phone, skype or in person)


Coaching Families with ADHD

$90 CND - 1 hour

My child has ADHD or I think my child has ADHD or ADD?  What do I do?

This session is a consultation with the family.  I guide the parents with what is best for their child.  I give you the resources that I feel is best for your child.  My approach is holistic and practical.  We go from evaluation to actual tools.  I share my resources.

Other sessions include coaching the parent to help them with their child.

Individual Adult Coaching

$90 CND - 1 hour




ADHD Support group for parents-West Island

I am also the founder and organizer of a Montreal-based ADHD Support group where we empower parents and children to recognize their gifts.