Below are examples of the one on one coaching courses and workshops I do. 

If any of them resonate with you, I would love to hear from you.

What is intuition?


How to hear the messages from the universe?

Taking control of your life

From dependency to independency?  

Testimonial from Amira

Take control of your life.
You are the only one responsible for your life

How to declutter from
the inside out?

Testimonial from Patrice

How can you use
Chakras and color therapy
to change your life

What are your core values and how them become your GPS?

How our health problems are a message from what is going on inside and how to heal it. 

Testimonial from Art

What is your life purpose and how to create
a business out of it? 

Testimonial from Chris 
Testimonial from Lynda

What is the vision for your life? 

Vision board event video

Families and Children

Who are your kids? What are their core values values? Their gifts and passions?

Testimonial from C.M.

Why do our kids have anxiety

Anxiety in kids (Blog post)

ADHD My gift 

 "ADHD My gift" (Blog post)

How to build confidence in our kids

How does color therapy help our kids

"Chakras & Color Therapy" (Blog post)

Teach our kids to connect to their intuition.

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