Soul-Aligned Life Retreat

Yesterday I got back from a two day retreat called the Soul- Aligning Retreat – A Roadmap to a Soul-Aligned Life at Le Couvent Val-Morin in Val-David.

When I first saw it advertised something told me (my gut) told me that I should book it.  As I have been following my gut feeling for the last three years I decided to book it.  The plan was to go to the retreat with a friend and I was feeling excited.  I really needed that time away from my life to reflect and contemplate the next path to take.

Closer to the date my friend had an emergency and could not make it.  I was disappointed but again something told me it was important for me to go alone to the retreat.  I ended up driving up with someone that I met through the work that I do and that trip turned out to be so nice.  I got to know that person more through great conversations on the trip up and now I consider him a friend.  We ended up stopping in St Sauver, a place that I had on my bucket list to visit.  What a nice town! What a great atmosphere!

Sometimes our journey doesn’t go accorded to what we plan and we get diverted on our path but what is great is the adventures we have on the way. Go with the flow!

We finally arrived at the retreat and we were around 20 people.  First what I want to say is that it is an amazing place.  So beautiful and so calm!  The rooms are great and to my luck I got a room on my own.  We got to meet the owner Frederic Drouin who had a vision to create this kind of place to bring in people from all around the world.  He has so many other projects that he is working and one of them includes working with the youth.  So inspiring!

Kosta, his wonderful wife Claudia and his adorable daughter greeted us.  I really felt like we were going to their home.  What great energy! Kosta is as genuine and down to earth as you see in his videos and so very passionate about sharing his message.  He took the time to individually talk to us and share many personal stories of his journey.  We learnt so much and what I loved is that the learning was done is such an informal way.  We went on hikes and we sat by the lake, evenings around the outdoor fireplace and some of the best moments where in these locations.  We sat outside and we had deep conversations there too.  We also did stretching classes with Claudia.

Kosta’s mission in doing these retreats  in his own words “ My mission is simple. To help people remember and reconnect with who they truly are.  To align their life with their highest self.  To awaken to the truths that lay dormant within them and to become conscious that not only are they the creators of their reality that they also have an impact on everything and everyone around them.  That who the energy they bring forth and the way they touch the lives of others is their legacy.”

The people that attended where from everywhere.  Each on their individual journey.  The friendships where built, the deep conversations were had, the messages spoken and received. Wonderful!

The thing that shocked me most was the food.  First when I received the menu I was like what am I going to eat!  I am not used to eating vegan food.  What no meat!  What I can tell you is that I loved it and at the end of it I wanted to take Macha Imbault the caterer home with me.  She was amazing.  She put so much love and passion into every meal she made.  Wow!

As you can see my experience was amazing!  I am writing this article to tell you that the retreat did not cost much because the goal behind this project that Kosta from Uplifted life and Frederic the owner of the place are aiming for is to create quality retreats for as many people as possible in an affordable way.  It is the donations and generosity of the people who come and others that allow this model to thrive. I am grateful I got the opportunity to go and get all that I got out of the retreat!

While I was sitting at the lake listening to Kosta, an old couple sat on the rock behind us and just started having a picnic.  They did not even notice that we were there.  They were just enjoying their picnic and just into each others company.  When we finished I went up to the man and told him that I thought that it was wonderful to see married couples still enjoying each other’s company.  What he said made me smile.  He said his relationship was easy and beautiful.  I wish more people saw life that way!

The message is just take time to enjoy your life.  Life should be fun and light.  It is us who make it heavier.

A big thank you to the Soul – Aligned retreat group and to all the new friendships.  Till we meet again!