Special Offer for the Summer

Hi all! Hope you are doing well. I want to share with you all the offer for the summer. My intention in this offer is to help you get unstuck in the areas that you are unable to shift and teach you the simple tools that you can use in your life.

I have been busy clearing through the things in my home. I have been giving away things, selling, buying and throwing or fixing broken things.
As you can see I am in the middle of clearing all the things that no longer serve our household. I have been meaning to do a few of these things for a while. I set myself the summer to really get things done.
Are you taking the time to get things done.? Does your home have things that you have been meaning to sell, your kids have outgrown, are broken or haven’t been used in years? Remember every item that isn’t used is stuck energy. Remember something you are not using could be very valuable to someone else.
Take the time to do the things you have been meaning to do. The universe will take you seriously when you do, Your home is a reflection of what is going on internally. So when you look at your home, look where the most clutter is, you can tell where your biggest issues are. Clearing externally shifts things internally.
Every area of your home corresponds to an area is your life. My son’s room is the creative/ children’s area so shifting that. (Look up Feng Shui bagua). I have been adding plants to different areas of my home. Add energy that moves and grows in your home. I have added them strategically in the different areas.
To know more about a lot of the things I am talking about you can connect with me. The special offer for the summer includes your home and the different areas that you are stuck in. The shifts can happen so quickly.

The promotion is till 31 August 2019 and you can book as many sessions as you or your family and friends need for 60 Canadian dollars per hour. If you are in the West Island and I come to your home to help you shift and clear it would be per hour. So for example 2 hours 120.

Time to shift people!