I have known Monica for over 9 years. Monica was my neighbour, but she wasn’t like any other neighbour, she was the one person who would take the time to check-in on us, to come by and visit, to make plans so we can get some away-time from our babies at that time, and she would always have the best advise to any of my problems.

I will never forget her support when I had my first child, and she had just had her twins a few months before me, I was a total wreck with days of no sleep and no experience whatsoever, she made everything easier just by showing up and showing me how to do things. I will never forget that she taught me how to put my baby in a routine, so I could get my life back. I thank her to this day, as the routine has saved us. Through the years we moved to different countries, and yet have always been in touch. Monica puts a smile on my face after every call we have, she lifts me up every time I’m down, she has been my mentor here since I moved to Canada.

I would have never managed to cope without Monica’s constant eye-opening advise whether about life in Canada, or about guiding me through troubles my son was facing at school. I think I have become a better parent, because of Monica’s support. I have learnt to let-go and not expect my son to be who I want him to be but rather to be who he is, and I support him rather than constantly try to change him. Thanks to you Monica!

She’s an amazing listener, and really talks from her heart and she has a heart of gold. I wish you the best Monica, and hope you touch the lives of others around you, the way you have touched mine.