Monica is such an amazing coach! I am learning so much with her.

The first time I heard her talk about de-cluttering I thought it was an interesting idea.  I knew I had to do something about all the stuff we had in our apartment.

I had been a full time single dad to 4 wonderful kids and over the years as they grew older and because our needs changed we kept cumulating a surprising amount of stuff. Also I was in a relationship and it ended but her car and her things were still in my home.  Now that this dream was shattered all at once I guess I lived in denial for sometime.  Everything here was still as when she left.  Her car was in the driveway her stuff was everywhere in the house. I was miserable but I never found the courage to do anything about it until I heard Monica talk about energy shift.

After pay ing attention  to what Monica shared with me and taking action the very same week I started moving things around, getting rid of stuff, paying attention to colors, item location in the house. That really spoke to me. But I didn’t know where to start.  Monica suggested I got rid of the biggest item that belonged to her.  Well the car was certainly that big piece! It had stayed in my driveway for 7 YEARS while I was parking out on the street all this time.  No one wanted to come pick it up because it was an American car. Well when I was finally ready I called the same recycling company AGAIN only this time no fussing….  The guy said ok give me 20 minutes and I’ll be there! I was speechless! I had tried so many times before that day and no one wanted to come get it!

Well you should have seen the kids faces when the tow truck arrived!!  They couldn’t believe it!!!

I asked her to come and collect her things. She wasn’t quite happy with this but I insisted.  She kept making me feel bad for putting pressure…  It had been 7 years!!!  Well no longer than a week later my basement was flooded due to a plumbing problem.  90% of the stuff affected in this flood belonged to her.  I called her and told her I would do everything to protect her stuff but it needed to go.   Within a week she messaged me and said she would find a way to get it back.

This whole life change was initiated due to a simple principle taught by Monica. We have our hands full right now but the cleaning, the de-clutering, the painting has brought us closer as a family

Things have shifted!  I feel more in control, I feel more assertive, I feel more respected cause I’m respecting myself by setting boundaries. I’m letting go of so much stuff!  No more keeping it just in case or cause it’s still good. Letting go isn’t always easy but it is so worth it!

I’m so thankful for Monica’s teaching and coaching.  These simple steps are indeed the beginning of a long journey to freedom and happiness.

Things are not just things it’s the whole emotions that bind you to them that is either good or bad. Get rid of what brings negativity in your life. Make room for better! When I finally did I was in a much better place in my life!  Nice things started to happen.

Remember your mind is like a parachute it works better when it’s open!  It’s paying off for me in so many ways!

Thanks  Monica,