When I first met Monica, I knew I needed her in my life! I have worked with her on several clearings that I never knew were even there and her intuitive coaching and methods is second to none!

She is a compassionate and intuitive healer and energy guide that has always offered deep insights and clarity to my life, and helps me to better understand and master my human experience.

I specifically brought to her my ovarian cysts issue that all doctors said was a lost cause. “Nothing much to do”.

Within a few sessions with Monica, my Cysts have completely dissolved! It was mind blowing how powerful her energy healing is!

I bring her teaching into my own day-to-day practice at times with my friends and family!

In short, Monica is a godsend for anyone looking for deeper insights into any healing or enlightenment journey.

I have also benefited from her relationship clearing support. And have noticed a significant increase in ease and peacefulness in my home with my partner. Being served by this enlightened power woman has always been a joy and I feel truly blessed to have worked with her!

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