What is Joy?

What is joy?  This is a very deep question.  How to feel it?  Why don’t we feel it enough?   This is a question I have been asking myself for a while now.  Why are we ok with focusing on lack, sadness and disappointment and on achieving and not on joy?  The thing is the more we focus on what we don’t have the more we don’t have something.  Why not focus on the great we have?  I have decided to focus on joy.  Who else would like to join me? I personally am fed up of the other things.  There is so much in life to be joyful for.  Look around you!  Take the time to see them.

So how can we get closer to joy?

  1. Decide to feel joy!  Put the word joy on your mirror and make an intention every morning to feel joy and not to let things get to you.  I know it is not easy but one step at a time.  Start with 10 minutes.  When you feel that joy capture it.  Close your eyes and feel it.  Store it in your heart.  You are going to need it later.  An example of this is if you see your small child smile or giggle and your heart feels warm.  Keep that feeling so when you feel stressed close your eyes and put your hand on your heart  and go back there.  It shifts your energy.
  2. Make time for joy.  Do something that makes you happy.  Take time for it.
  3. Smile! Fake it till you make it.
  4. Listen to a song, dance and just be playful.  I was dancing this morning to Will Smith’s Fresh Prince of Bel Air with my kids and being silly.  What joy we had!  The energy before school was wonderful.
  5. Ask yourself what inspires you.  What lights you up?
  6. Start being creative.  Step out of your routine box.  Do something different.
  7. Face your blocks.  No more hiding.  The more you face them the less they have control over you.
  8. Love you!  Place boundaries on your time.  Remove people or things that do not give you peace or joy. Remove things in your home that don’t feel right. Spend time with people who uplift you and remove people who drain you from your life.  If they are family then set boundaries.
  9. Be in nature.
  10. Meditate and ask the question what gives me joy.
  11. Start a vision board.  While you sit with it you will see things that feel good to you.  Maybe try them. Think big! Dream big! The universe is amazing! Be open to your dreams coming in very different ways to what you imagined.
  12. Be grateful for all that you have.  When you are grateful you are focusing on the good in your life and that expands your joy!
  13. Do not feel guilty for feeling joy!  We are entitled to being joyful.  Time to own it!
  14. Be present in your life.  Understand that people come into your life for a reason and things happen for a reason.  Let things flow.  Do not resist them.
  15. Keep your words and thoughts positive.  Keep your social media positive too.  Remember we are surrounded by energy so let us keep our energy high.

Most import enjoy the journey.  I would rather have a great ride.  What about you?

‘Till next time!

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