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Hello everybody! I have a special offer for you all. Tomorrow is 11 August 2018. Lots of amazing things happening in our solar system that are pushing us out of our comfort Zone to live the life we were truly meant to live.

11-11 - 11 day - 2018 - 2+0+1+8 adds up to 11 so for those of you who don't know 11 -11 is the manifestation number and means that this day is a powerful one. For me 8 is abundance so really all perfectly aligned.

So in order to manifest you have to be aligned. What stops us from being aligned? 1. Clutter from the past in our brains and 2. We do not know our core beliefs.

So as a special for August so that I can help you on your way I have created a 2 in 1 special.

See below

EXPIRED - 2 Sessions for the price of 1 - 90 Canadian Dollars

Session 1 - Declutter your brain/
It is time to declutter the things that are still keeping you stuck. Time to let go. This session we dig deep to see what is holding you back.

Session 2 - What are your core values?
We work on identifying your 5 core values. Who are you from a soul perspective? What is important for you? This becomes your GPS for your life.

If this sounds like where you are in your life. Connect with me. Time to step it up to make your life matter to you.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.


Salon du Bébé - Tout-petits

24 November 2018 @ 10 AM EST




By Monica Karam 2018