Where is the Love?

The song by Black Eyed Peas asks “Where is the love?” Where is it? All we see these days is fear, hate and evil. Let us go back to finding love. How can we do that? Why not work on making everyday day Valentine’s day. Why don’t we take time everyday from our lives to show the people in it that we love and appreciate them.

Here are a few suggestions for the different people in your life.

1.      The people you interact with daily.

  • Why not take time to say a nice word or give them a compliment.
  • Take time to tell them how they make your morning great. How their smile everyday brightens yours.
  • Say things like thank you for helping me with the project (fill in the blank).
  • Thank you for helping support my child everyday.

Be creative. You will never understand how much that compliment will mean to them. It could be the only nice thing they hear that day and it could change their day.

2.      Your friends

  • Take time to tell your friends how much their friendship means to you.
  • Spend time with them. Book a coffee, spa or evening out.
  • Listen to them when they need you. Just be there for them

What is most important is that you give time to the people in your life without interruptions. Be in the moment with everybody you are with. These are the moments that you will remember.

3.      Your kids

  • Write notes – Things like I love you, You are cool, You are funny, You are sweet.
  • Plan an evening with your kids that revolves around what they want to do
  • Take time to be with them and just connect.
  • Listen to them when they talk. If you are busy give them a time when you won’t be and dedicate that time to hear what they have to say.

4.      Parents

  • Take time to call them. Take them out. Just spend quality time with them. It would make so much difference in their lives.

5.      Partner

  • Take time to be with your partner
  • Book romantic time and book date night
  • Take time to find out what love language they communicate in and see what would be something that would make them happy and vice versa.

The theme behind it all is just connect and be with the people you love. Be in the moment with them. Be present in your life. These are the memories you will both treasure.

When I was younger I heard a song called “In the Living years” by Mike and the Mechanics. The lyrics to that song stayed with me and I have lived by them ever since. In the song he says “I wish I had told him in the living years.” After that song I tell people in my life how much they mean to me because you never ever want the important people in your life not to know how you feel.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy the love journey! Don’t forget to put yourself on that list.