Who am I?

Who am I?

Here I am, sitting down, trying to write my ‘About Me’ for my website. I have been avoiding writing this for so long. I have written six other articles and achieved a lot of other things, but when writing my ‘bio’ I find myself stuck. ‘Why?’ I ask myself. This should be easy.

I realized that writing ‘who I am’ is the most difficult job of all. We don’t really know who we really are and we spend our whole lives figuring this out.  Some ancient philosophers believe this is the purpose of life, to ask and rediscover this one question time and time again.

If you asked me before who are you? I would have said,

‘Hi. My name is Monica Karam. I am a life coach. A spirituality life coach and gone on to explain what that is. I would have said I am a single mom (explained that), mom of 3, founder of the ADHD support group for parents – West Island (talked about that), Motivator and Motto of the day on Facebook (and gone on to explain that).’ The thing is, that is not who I am. Those titles are the hats that I wear. 

So then, who am I deep down? It has taken me a journey to discover this and that discovery became an essential key to my happiness and my work as a coach. One day, in one of my personal growth classes, it hit me. The teacher asked me, ‘Who are you?’ and I could not answer. She told us all to look at the paper that she handed out to us. It had a list of values and we were instructed to choose the 5 words that resonated the most with us and then to make them into I am sentences. I looked through the paper and as I was looking, I realized that all of the pieces to the journey of ‘who I am’ came together.

I chose the 5 final words. They were Communication, Connecting to people, loyalty,personal growth and abundance. When I looked at that paper I understood why some things in my life did not work out. I was not aligned with who I truly was.

Those 5 words are ‘who I am’ from my core and if I don’t live them, then I am not me. So when I was married and I did not feel there was communication and no connection, I was not being true to who I really am. When I am not learning and growing in my life, I don’t feel myself. Now I understand who I am, life decisions become so much easier.

So my personal mission statement has become:

 I am a motivator who inspires myself and others to live their best life through communication (coaching, writing, speaking, sharing stories, reading etc). I love to connect deeply to people. I am loyal. I am on a personal growth journey. I have abundance in every aspect of my life.

This statement is my compass now. When I make decisions I ask myself, ‘Is it aligned with who I really am?’

Can you think of 5 words that best describe ‘who you are?‘  When you are finished see if you can write a sentence about each of them. After you have written these sentences, reflect on them to see if you are living in alignment with ‘who you truly are.’  You may be surprised how quickly you can develop a powerful statement to guide you towards living an authentic life.  As ‘who we are’ is connected to your purpose, you may also discover your hidden gifts which you were given to share with the world.

Enjoy the journey!