Words are Powerful

Words are Powerful!

I have been reflecting on my week!  It has not been an easy one!  When I think back to why it wasn’t I realize that it is the thoughts that have been in my head and the words that I have been using that have been causing my anxieties and worries.  A few times this week I have been told Monica watch the words you use.  Funny I did not know I was using them until people pointed them out.  We spend a lot of time thinking of the future and too little time enjoying the moments we have now.  We also spend a lot of time doubting and self sabotaging ourselves because we use words that don’t serve us. We would never speak to others like we speak to ourselves.  Why do we do this? Let us change this!

Here are some of the ways I switch my thoughts.

  1. When I catch myself thinking or saying something negative I change it immediately in my head or in my words.  Our thoughts and words create our reality so we need to be very careful.
  2. When I catch myself thinking of something negative or something in the future that I cannot control I direct my attention to something else. Something positive or something I can do now that I enjoy doing.  For example I am now focusing on writing this article which is fun for me.
  3. I go outside – I take a walk or just sit in my balcony. Enjoy being in the moment.  Focus on the trees, the birds and feel the wind on my face.
  4. I put on music – dancing is a great way to shift your thoughts
  5. I call a positive friend – Never call a friend that will sympathise and stay down with you.
  6. Remember everything you focus on becomes a reality so an example is if you focus on not having a partner you will not attract a partner. Laws of Attraction – Our thoughts and feelings manifest!
  7. Take time to visualise what you really want in life. Close your eyes and dream big.  Feel what it would feel like to have those things or people or job in your life. You can also create a vision board.
  8. Write what you want on paper and then put it away.
  9. Daily affirmations are important that start with I am. Always say them in the present.  I am healthy.  You may not be feeling well at this moment but that doesn’t matter. The more you say it the more you will feel it.
  10. Our body reacts to our thoughts and words, so if you are unwell or having symptoms like body pain. I would recommend looking up Louise Hay “ Heal Your Body”.  In the book she explains what every body pain means. I use her for all my symptoms.  That is an indicator of what we are thinking of.  For example I was struggling last week with stomach pain.  I looked it up and it said fear of the new.  I understood why my stomach was hurting me.  I was thinking too much of a certain thing and being afraid and that caused my symptoms.  The affirmation that came with it was “Life agrees with me. I assimilate the new every moment of every day.  All is well. This is a book I use for myself and my clients.
  11. This journey can be easy or difficult depending on which way you see life. Let us try to make it easier by being gentle on ourselves and by talking to ourselves as if we are a children with care and compassion.  We are all doing the best we can.
  12. Prayer and meditation are great to refocus you and calm you down.

Enjoy the journey!  Till next time