Words of Wisdom – August 13 2018

Hi everybody!! So my words of wisdom for today!

I have not written in a while. I don’t write unless I feel it from my heart.

So I have been busy these days living. I have been busy going on adventures and jumping into the unknown and just trying things that feel right to me.

I have been discovering new things that I love and discovering other things that I thought I enjoyed and now no longer do. Transformation is not a one stop shop. It is a journey. We are always changing. We either decide to go with the flow and see the changes and open new doors or we stay behind closed doors and be dragged.

I have learnt that our soul is always calling us and sometimes we don’t hear it. I am discovering when my soul is happy. I know when I go to certain events I light up and when in others I feel so drained. I know that I must set my boundaries and that relationships need to be give and take not one sided. I also know that when I am aligned with my core values and am actually inserting them in my life I feel JOY. I know that our cores change as we change.

My new cores as of today are: adventure, soul connections, self expression (creativity), humour and lightness.

Don’t live your life for others and in numbness. Time to take your life to a different level. One where you enjoy living it.

Do you know what yours are? If you need help you can always connect with me.

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